Helping A Relationship


Here are eight things I think might help just about any relationship. I base them on my experience and not much more. Okay, so saying ‘any relationship’ might be a stretch but they are some pretty good ideas.

1. Don’t interrupt while busy. For me if I’m busy reading, writing, on-line or watching the last of a television show, it is hard for me to have a conversation and concentrate on what I am doing. By the time MY pee-brain figures out that the conversation is the more important of the two items I am usually frustrated.

2. Minor household chores can wait. Really! Come home, have a seat and relax a while. The trash can, full of garbage will still be there as will be the sink full of dishes and so will the dishwasher which needs either to be loaded or unloaded. Chances are you might even end up getting help with these chores. (See #3)

3. You don’t have to nag. It’s called partnership or joining in. It works like this: If you want someone to do something invite them to help you with it. Don’t tell them that it needs to be done and then walk away. Also accept the fact that some people are born- procrastinators. I tend to be one of these people at times, other times I’m just being lazy.

4. Turn off the cell-phone at dinner time. It used to be ‘no telephone calls at dinner time’ was the rule. Now we have to be reminded not to leave cell-phones on during dinner time. I can’t stand hearing them in church either. Allow me to add that the television should be turned off during dinner as well. This should help encourage conversation around the table.

5. Accept compliments gracefully. The last time I heard somebody accept a compliment gracefully; she was 90-years old. Most folks think that I’m pulling their leg when I’m paying them a compliment or they act as if they knew it all along. A simple ‘thank you’ and a smile are enough.

6. Household dust is natural occurrence. This is something that I miss every time I clean house; forgetting to dust. I think it comes from the fact that I grew up near the ocean and didn’t have to deal with it as a kid. Here in the high desert though dust reappears in less than 15 minutes after a good wiping-down.

7. TV remotes aren’t for men only. It’s taken me a long time to say this and I say it only because it is ‘residentially correct.’ My machismo says I should be in control and just like asking for directions I shouldn’t have too, so I will not explain any further.

8. Use the vehicle horn. The vehicle horn has three purposes. One is to be friendly as in saying, ‘hello’ to someone as you drive by them; the second to remind them to move should they become distracted while at a stoplight and the third; anger, for doing something stupid that puts you and your life in jeopardy of an accident.

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