Metallic Thunder

It had started two weeks before when Karen had called me and said, “We need to get your truck moved before it gets towed”

I was in agreement, however life happened and his wife, Mary’s father died and the entire family had to go out of town for funeral arrangements and the funeral.

The next time I heard from Karen was the evening they returned home.

She had left a trite message starting, “If you don’t get your truck moved, it’s going be impounded and then auctioned off.”

That peeved me off right then and there. I picked up the telephone and called Karen’s house.

Her husband answered and I told him plainly, “I don’t like to be threatened like that and if you’ll give me the address where I can come get it I have arrangements to have it towed.”

Karen’s husband replied, “Well, I’ll have to ask Karen if I can give you the address because I don’t know about that.”

I cut him off, “Is there something you guys are hiding?”

“No?” he replied

“Then jus’ give me the address,” I demanded, “I don’t want my truck to disappear suddenly.”

“It won’t,” the husband respond.

“What do you mean?” I retorted. “It already has once — you moved it to a secret location without telling me without telling me and won’t tell me where it is now.”

“That’s up to Karen,” he said.

“Look I’ve been threatened with having it impounded and auctioned off and I don’t have a location where I can come get it. If those two things happen I will take action, do you understand me?” I said.

“Are you threatening me?” he asked.

I answered, “Nope, promising,” and gently hung up the telephone.

The following morning Karen called at 6:30am.

“Hey, I didn’t like you threatening my old man like that,” she complained.

“I didn’t threaten, I promised. I need an address,” I quickly cut to the point.

“I’ll call you right back,” she replied and hung up the telephone.

Finally, two hours later she called me back with an address.

“How fast can you get this thing out of here?” she wanted to know.

“I’ll have a tow truck ordered before I’m en route and I’ll be there in less than 20 minutes,” I answered.

I was feeling pretty steamed because she had made him wait for so long.

As I pulled out of the driveway I called the tow service. They said they would be there within half an hour.

I sudden felt better,  glad to be getting this done.

In less than twenty minutes he had pulled up in front of the house where he was told he could get his truck. Unfortunately while he could see his truck in the back yard he could also see the two rottweiler dogs patrolling the area just beyond the “Beware of Dog” signs.

Getting out of my truck, I walked up to the front door and rapped on it three times. There was so answer.

Again he knocked. There was still no answer.

Looking around, saw Karen’s pickup truck parked in the driveway so I knew she had to inside the house. I knocked once more.

Again getting no response, I walked back to my car and picked up my cell phone, dialing her number. She answered.

“Are you going to answer the door?” I asked.

She paused then said, “Not until the tow truck gets here.”

She then hung up.

I sat in my car and relaxed while waiting for the flat-bed tow truck to arrive. When it did, I walked up to the door and knocked again.

This time Karen answered just as she said she would.

“Can you put the dogs away?” I asked.

She smiled, “Their really sweethearts so it’s okay to go in.”

Karen closed the door.  Something about the situation did not sit well with me.

It appeared all too simple so I told to the tow truck operator, “Wait right here, I need to see how friendly these dogs really are.”

With that I slowly opened the rolling gate. I knew the answer within a heart beat as both dogs alerted and raced towards me growling and barking.

I pushed the gate closed as both dogs hit it with forceful violence.

“Sweethearts my ass,” Daniel thought, “so let’s see how well she respects outlaws.”

Retrieving my cell phone once again, I  called my brother Adam. I knew he had contacts with some outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“Hey Adam, I need some help,” I started off.

A couple minutes later I hung up and walked over to the tow truck operator, “If you can come back in about 30 minutes, this situation should have cleared itself up.“

“Yeah, I can do that,” he responded as he climbed up in his cab and drove away.

Karen shouted out the window, “See what you get for threatening me and my old man?”

I jus’ smiled at her and walked over to his car, casually leaning on it, not the least bit worried as I knew Adam would come through.

At first the sound was like that of freight train several miles away across the open plains, yet it grew louder and louder. Then the first of the bikes rolled into the narrow cul-de-sac, these were followed by even more motorcycles.

Soon the noise was deafening. The bikers, most in their gang colors, sat there revving the throttle as they waited for the return of the tow truck, I was more than amused when he saw the look on tow truck drivers face as he wheeled the flat-bed truck around the corner only to find the street and cul-de-sac choked with the loud rumble of motor bikes.

As he stopped his tow truck, so did at the motorcycles’. They turned off their engines in unison.

I remained leaning against my car as the shortest member of the bike gang’s got off of his cycle and walked up the pathway to the front door of the house. He knocked lightly on the door and Karen slowly opened it.

“Ma’am,” he said, “We’ve come to retrieve our brother’s truck.”

I couldn’t hear what Karen said, I could only see her lips move slightly.

She disappeared behind the closed door. A minute later both dogs were called from the back yard and two of the motorcyclists went in and pushed my truck out into the street.

The tow truck operator hurriedly moved into position to load the truck. Once it was on the flat-bed, the motorcycle gang fired up their bikes and like metallic thunder, roared out of the cal-de-sac and down the street.

Each one gave a salute to me as they rode passed.

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