To Hack or to Saw

My wife is sleeping soundly and I can’t. My back is in rotten pain from a brake I received years ago either in the service or doing something stupid like cowboying when I should have been pushing a pencil instead.

Now I have this aggravating cough that racks me with pain from everywhere. I had it for ten days now.

My ribs hurt, my head hurts and my back aches with spasms every time I cut loose. And I told myself I wasn’t gonna complain. I can’t seem to help myself though.

I was going to work on a short story I started last night, but my mind isn’t in the right place.

Instead I have decided to create an ‘open’ blog, if you will, so I can just share some of twisted views of this world we live in. I almost always start from viewing myself first.

Worse yet I had an 0830 hours appointment at the Reno VAMC. They only want to draw blood but it usually leads to the same thing with my doctor; an argument.

She seems fixated on the idea of running a mini-cam up my colon when I really need my back worked on. That would be the problem with socialized medicine.

Doctors and other various medical pros all have to fill a certain protocol as recommended by some other authority, say the AMA. And while the patient gets serviced, the person gets ignored.

It’s not their fault because they’re doing the best they can. It’s the system. The best example is this cough I have had for ten days.

I went to the VAMC and they sent me home with cough syrup.

It calmed the cough somewhat but did nothing for the infection. I asked, “Why no antibiotics?”

The nurse replied, “We have to wait 10 to 14 days in case your cold clears itself up on its own.”

She left me to suffered with a cough and broken back together ever since. Makes me wish I was a drinker so I could deaden the ache. But having been a P-medic at one time I learned that self-medicating isn’t the answer. It only adds to the injury further down the line.

Well, my honey just came out see if I am okay. She works so hard and seems to always be so tired.

It is so sweet of her to be concerned. If she can stand my hacking, I think I’ll go lay down next to her for a while.

Hmm, hacking logs instead of sawing them.

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