B.S. in a Book

Years ago there was a book called ‘You’re okay, I’m okay.’ I don’t know who wrote it, nor do I care, because after I read it the first time I believed it was all a bunch of hooey and I still do.

It was a book designed to help boost the readers self esteem.

For a long time I thought I had a terrible self esteem problem. I felt I did not measure up to other people’s standards. I viewed other people, seemingly unscathed by their actions regardless of how those actions might have affected others, as okay emotionally.

I spend a great deal of time attempting to emulate these persons. I wanted desperately to be as successful as they were and have all the nice things they owned and still sleep well at night.

However I have never been able to get those nice things because I have always operated from the desire to do what was right even if it was not the best thing for me. It left me frustrated until now.

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