B.S. in a Book

Years ago there was a book called ‘You’re okay, I’m okay.’ I don’t know who wrote it, nor do I care, because after I read it the first time I believed it was all a bunch of hooey and I still do.

It was a book designed to help boost the readers self esteem.

For a long time I thought I had a terrible self esteem problem. I felt I did not measure up to other people’s standards. I viewed other people, seemingly unscathed by their actions regardless of how those actions might have affected others, as okay emotionally.

I spend a great deal of time attempting to emulate these persons. I wanted desperately to be as successful as they were and have all the nice things they owned and still sleep well at night.

However I have never been able to get those nice things because I have always operated from the desire to do what was right even if it was not the best thing for me. It left me frustrated until now.

Evelyn Chism, 1926-2004

Life long Humboldt County resident Evelyn Chism passed away September 24th, 2004, at her home in Fortuna after a short illness. She was born June 19th, 1926 in Ferndale to the late Joaquin and Mary Martin and graduated from Fortuna Union High School.

Evelyn worked at St. Joseph Hospital for over 30 years. After retiring, she became a full time homemaker.

She leaves behind her husband of 57 years, Don Chism, her children, Dennis and Eileen Chism, Betty and Lester Phelps, David Chism, Chris Chism, and daughter-in-law Rita Chism. Evelyn was preceded in death by a son, Bill Chism, grandson, Barry Phelps , and sisters and brother, Mary, Olivia, Aurora, Ruby, and Jack.