The Squeeky Wheel

For crying out loud, all I wanted to do was lie down and catch myself a nap before my wife got home. Not going to happen. Dogs keep barking, telephone keeps ringing, and people at the door and I continue coughing.

I finally got through to my VAMC doctor that I didn’t need a rectal exam as much as I need something for my cold. She still didn’t give me any antibiotics to cure the cough, saying, “I can’t be sure its bacterial or viral.”

I’ll buy that but she didn’t do a throat culture to find out either. Instead she gave me a once a day for 10-days antibiotic for an ear infection.

I swear she shoved that scope so far down my ear tube that she tickled the back of my throat. This caused me to be seized in the nagging grip of a coughing spasm right on the end of her exam bed. She also gave me a once over for my back.

I am learning to be a very loud and squeaky wheel so I can get the best snake oil. Not only am I getting a full set of x-rays, she also referred me to physical therapy.

Maybe I will actually find out what is going on with it.

I didn’t get out of there until after 1300 hours. I think the longest wait was at the pharmacy. I was in a fairly jocular mood until the woman behind the counter told me I had to go to the end of the line for a consult.

More loud squeaking from a very perturbed little wheel!

I tried telling her twice I had already gone through the consult and I simply refused to surrender my place in line.

Anyone who has been around me knows that I get loud and defiant in these situations. I really don’t like to be challenged or intimidated like this.

It was a 10 second stare down. She blinked first.

She had the prettiest eyes.

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