Side B

I was working for KEKA in Eureka pending the sale of the station to a broadcast company in Reno. While there, I arranged to live with my mom and step-dad until the sale was completed.

However after four and a half months of negotiations, the sale fell through and I was getting ready to head back to Nevada. As a way of saying “thank you” to my parents I figured I’d get them a nice gift.

Mom had been given several compact discs of jazz music but had no CD player. So I went out and found a single tray player, keeping it as simple as I could.

The following day, I set the equipment up and headed for work. When I got to the station, I got a call from her. She was complaining the player did not work correctly.

Even after she tried to explain what was wrong, I couldn’t help her fix it. I told that I’d come home after work and take care of the problem.

Once home, I put the CD in the tray and the system seemed too work perfectly. Mom was standing next to me, shaking her head.

Suddenly she exclaimed, “No wonder it’s working for you!”

Then she reached over, picked up the disc from the tray and turned it over.

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