Thoughts from All Over

I have spent today simply observing the world around me. I haven’t taken the time to simply stop and watch in a long time. Here are some of the things I discovered along the way —

  • While at Meadowood Mall I saw a man asking for money, so I gave him a couple bucks. This act really convicted me because I had been complaining that a friend had run low on funds and had one of their kids pay for lunch using that child’s money. It occurred to me that I was passing judgment and didn’t have the right.
  • Walking around the mall is hard work for me because of my back. But I concluded that I must start walking more and more if I am to get my health back. It occurred to me that ‘disability’ is not coming through (at least quickly) so it’s up to me to work on my health.It was difficult, but I passed up the mini-Heath candy bars being given out by some fitness club. I found it to be a little odd that fitness folks were giving out candy if you sign up with their club. So odd!
  • While driving the freeway, I saw people speeding down the road. I stayed at the posted speed limit and yet drivers slipped by me as if I was standing still. I really think that if people cannot follow the simplest rule of driving they are probably willing to break more severe laws and not just driving laws.
  • For the first time this season we turned on our sprinkler system. Except for this nagging little drip in the line, it all works very well. What was the greatest joy was to watch our Jack Russell Terrier, Harley, play in the long streams of water. He would stand less than 8–inches from the sprinkler head and bite and paw at the water.
  • This evening I watched a television program about Franklin D. Roosevelt. In Roosevelt’s day America learned its news about the world from the radio. This evening I learned more about the fireside chat from a medium that didn’t exist back then.

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