In radio it is often heard said from the Program Director to the On-Air Personality, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” For me, that saying always bugged the crap out of me, so I changed it to “Keep It Short (and) Simple.”

No insults needed. That’s what I intend to do today.

I realize that there are several kinds of people in the world these days and yet they can all be separated into two columns.

Those who are willing to wait for someone to come along and give them a free hand out and those who are resourceful enough to make things happen on their own. The other thing that crosses my tired mind (lack of sleep due to pain) is the idea of lust.

We all deal with it, whether it is sex or money or a new car or whatever. Here’s a great definition I just heard, “Lust of the heart is anything that takes your eyes off of Jesus.”

Now, to K.I.S.S. this pain good-bye…

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