Locked Out

“Open the door,” Adam yelled, “Before I smash it in!” He stood on the outside of the trailer after I had tricked him into stepping outside to fight.

Within minutes we heard him get in his car and drive away. By that time though the meal was completely ruined as the dinner table had been turned upside down and nobody felt like eating anyway.

“Is your knee okay?” Mom asked me. She had noticed that I hobble over to the counter as soon as Adam drove off.

“Yeah, but he stomped on top of my foot,” I answered.

I was sitting down on the sofa by then pulling the boot off my right foot. Adam had tried to step on my right knee but I had been just quick enough to dodge the blow yet slow enough to get myself severely stomped on.

I looked as Mom and Del, asking them, “Are you guys okay?”

Del replied, “Yup.”

He had taken the main blow from the table as Adam flipped it over. He managed to jump up and step in front of Mom as the heavy oak top came crashing downward where she had been sitting. It bounced off of his back and onto the ground as Adam and I prepared to duke it out.

“How about you, Kyle?” Grandma asked as she looked at her grandson.

He didn’t say anything but rather shook his head that he was okay.

Then I said, “I’m sorry about all this.”

“No need to apologize,” replied Del. Then he added, “You were in the right asking him not to use that language.”

He was talking about the fact that Adam had been using the “F-word” in front of his four year old nephew while at the dinner table.

I reflected back to a few minutes ago, “Adam, please don’t say that in front of Kyle.”

He had asked his brother twice before not to say that particular word because he was certain the child would go home and say it in front of his mother.

On the third request Adam exploded and lifting the table up to get at me. It flipped over nearly injuring Mom.

He attacked me by trying to break my knee, missing it by a fraction but smashing my foot. He continued to rush after me until I ended up inviting him outside.

Once Adam stepped outside, I closed the sliding glass door and locked it. It was the only way I could think to get him out of the house without tearing our parent’s home apart.

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