The Door

(August 1977) The door knob is dented. The door is closed, Waiting to be opened. It remains darkened And musty behind it. It is opened. Clothes hanging, All well used. Coats and jackets. And books. Cramped and dusty; An old grads' gown. And more books, About years gone-by. Moments and memories. An American flag; Holes … Continue reading The Door


The Dissidents

(May 1977) Dissidents. Soviets' As well as Jewish. International pawns. Pawns in a game. Olympians they are not. Spies. Espionage. A deadly game; Not a sport. Convicted, Against their nation. Eight hard years And more. Trapped. The world is shocked. Appalling; Human rights rejected. People will rally; Praying for freedom. Freedom fighters? Revolutionists? Without weapons, … Continue reading The Dissidents

Shipwrecks — remembered and forgotten

The Northcoast has proved unkind for seagoing vessels plying the waters west of Crescent City. A number of vessels were wrecked or stranded along the coast, including Amanda Alger, who went ashore at the Gold Bluffs in December 1871; Centennial, who stranded crossing the Klamath Bar in April 1877; and seven other craft, including California, … Continue reading Shipwrecks — remembered and forgotten