My Foul Weather Plan

Summertime is here, although one would not know it with the way the weather has been the last few months. Several years ago I had the job of doing the weekend weather forecast at a station in Eureka, California.

I’ve never received so much hate mail in all of my life. It seemed that everything I said the weather would do was wrong.

It appeared my forecasts messed up a lot of people’s weekend plans. And I have never worked as a weather forecaster since.

What makes me different from those people is that I have something greater to believe in — I have a backup plan.

It can be something simple like reading a book or writing a friend a letter, taking a Sunday drive on a Wednesday afternoon, window-shopping is a fun activity, going to the movies is great heat relief, taking the dog for a walk, riding a bike around the block, hanging out at the library, washing the car, truck or motorcycle, packing a picnic lunch and eating it on the living room floor, drawing chalk pictures on the back patio, filling a wading pool and sitting in it, doing some gardening, taking photographs, flying a kite and having rain ponchos ready.

It’s very easy if you look at what you are trying to do. Generally, my initial plan is to get out of the house and do something with the family.

That’s my first plan and it always falls in line with my backup plan.

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