Nicholas McNamara

Nicholas McNamara, one of the first businessmen to set foot in Crescent City, arrived here on March 12, 1853. McNamara was born on February 10, 1829, in Dungarvin County, located in Waterford, Ireland. He was naturalized on April 12, 1858, in San Francisco. McNamara and his brother, Mark, built the 'American Hotel' seven years after … Continue reading Nicholas McNamara


General George Crook: Indian Fighter

The man who would eventually battle famous Native American warriors Crazy Horse and Geronimo came to Del Norte County during one of his first Army missions. In 1853 George Crook followed the Lost Coast from Fort Humboldt toward the Klamath River, where he encountered Gold Bluffs and everything they had to offer – gold and 49ers. … Continue reading General George Crook: Indian Fighter