Initially Speaking

Early today I had to use my initials, TJD, on a piece of paper.

The person at the counter looked at them, then at me, before asking, “Is this some sort of an effing joke, ‘cuz if it is it isn’t funny!”

Looking at her, I asked, “Is what a joke? “

“These so called ‘intials?'” she exclaimed.

“So called?” I returned.

“These are Donald Trump’s initials in reverse,” she stated.

“No they aren’t,” I shot back, “They’re mine and in correct order, too. Now get me your manager!”

“Why, so you can whine about how I caught your little scam?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I answered.

After explaining what happened to the manager, I watched as she fired her on the spot. I left the store with the knowledge that it’s going to be a very long four years.

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Nothing appeared out of the ordinary when Ricky got out of bed. He showered, dressed, had a piece of toast and cup of coffee before heading to work.

It was while walking from the parking lot to the employee entrance that he sensed something about himself had changed. He quickly looked at his hands and arms, which were fine.

It was the lack of feet and his quickly fading legs that brought him panic. He could actually see his thighs disappearing and his hips begin to fade.

By the time he reached the door handle, only his finger tips remained.

Out of Time

The Confederate Captain stood at the base of the steps, enjoying his smoke, the winter-afternoon feeling more like a springtime morning. He was waiting.

He paced back and forth, small quick steps, as his bride came out onto the veranda. Stately and perfect in every aspect, he offered his hand to help her down the steps, looking more out of 1861 than 2021.

Once again, side-by-side, they stood patiently as a woman, a tourist, paused with her manual Canon camera for that better puff of smoke to come from his Swisher Sweet cigar. ‘Click’ sounded the antique camera and the woman smiled, content that she’d captured the perfect frame.

“I didn’t think she’d ever take the picture,” he complained.

His wife smiled, “Why?”

“I gotta go pee, in the worst way,” he answered.

“All the way in the back, last door on the left,” she said, as he hurried up the steps.

Mr. Freeze

During the first two pandemic’s only clothe and paper masks were employed against the virus. But after the third, the central government issued a state-of-the-art mask that covered one’s entire head in a bubble.

It came with a built in re-breather, an adapter to watch Internet-streams, interact on social media, text and it was light weight and wouldn’t fog up.

“Kinda reminds me of the helmet Mr. Freeze, from the old Batman cartoon series, used to wear,” my six-year-old brother said one afternoon.

He spent five-weeks in ‘Reeducation’ for the disparaging remark and I was glad that I hadn’t laughed.


She was a bitter old woman, but Jimmy did his best to be nice to Granny Turner because she was one of the last of her kind on the block.

“Let them eat cake,” she’d say to anything she found disagreeable.

Jimmy didn’t understand what she meant, he simply knew she was upset again and it was always again. Then he witnessed her in the back ally of the complex feeding a Monster a large German Chocolate cake, an act that was forbidden.

Two days later, Granny Turner was forced to keep her appointment, like the perfect citizen she wasn’t.

Gone in a Flash

We were separated by at least 10 feet as I try never to get in the way of the operator. I was at the backside of the fighting hole.

His selected rate of fire was ‘three-at-a-time.’ His part of the mission was to force the enemy to take cover.

This grunt suddenly stopped firing, rose up and turned sharply as if to run. The look in his face said, “Too fucking late!”

He was there — until he wasn’t there. I woke up with one hell of a head ache and nothing more than a concussion, his body having absorbed the blast.

Time Piece

“Mr. Rutledge,” the concierge called, “I have a package for you.”

“Thank you,” Rutledge said, quickly opening the box, “Dropped my device in the toilet last night and had to get them to send me another one.”

“I see,” the man behind the desk said as he lifted his left arm to check the time.

“Wow!” Rutledge said, “Haven’t seen one of those in ages.”

The concierge replied, “Was my fathers. They don’t make them any more.”

In the elevator, Rutledge smiled, suddenly aware that he missed having a real conversation. He then looked at the device in his hand.


“Don’t buy those Monsters food,” the store manager yelled, “You’ll only encourage them.”

John did it anyway. Monsters or not, he decided, no one should go hungry.

Over time, though they looked like nothing he’d ever seen before, he came to understand their stoic ways. This he learned, was why polite society called them ‘Monsters,’ as they didn’t show emotion and rarely spoke a word.

Then it happened, polite society fell apart and what had been common place and taken for granted, was lost. But  John found himself accepted, while others, like the manager were left to fend for themselves.

Nevada’s Perfect Election Fraud Storm

After the Nevada State Primary Election in June 2020, a Special Session of the State Legislature was called by Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak to change the state’s voting procedures. Assembly Bill 4 (AB4) is a measure modifying election procedures during periods of declared emergency as currently exists due to COVID-19.

“It is important to point out here that much of what the Democrats did was legal; but some of what they did at times also bent, and arguably sometimes broke, the rules or the law,” Peter Navarro wrote in ‘Art of the Steal.’

AB4 passed along party lines in both the Assembly and Senate, with all Republican’s voting against it.

Sisolak then bypassed the Legislature to issue rule changes for the counting of ballots. Additionally, Sisolak he created rules that expanded absentee and mail-in ballots while reducing scrutiny of such ballots, a contradiction of State Election Codes.

Prior to this, ‘Democracy Docket,’ founded by Marc Elias, former General Counsel to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, intervened in Nevada court cases to push election law changes consistent with the Democrat Party’s Grand Strategy. Case in point: Elias and Democracy Docket supplied lawyers as ‘Intervener Defendants’ and filed motions to intercede in the ‘Election Integrity Project of Nevada v. Nevada’ case.

Elias is also the person who hired Fusion GPS to “compile the ‘Russia dossier,’” on then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party also used public referendum to change election laws in Nevada. This referendum was financed in part by George Soros.

Shortly after the 2016 election, organizations such as iVote and the ACLU of Nevada, both with ties to Soros, spent tens of millions of dollars in Nevada collecting 55,000 signatures to submit a petition for ‘automatic voter registration’ law changes in Nevada. The legislation passed in 2018.

It mandated that individuals be automatically registered to vote when receiving services from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, such as obtaining a renewal or change of address for a license or identification card. In order to not be registered to vote, individuals would have to decline the registration by submitting a request in writing.

In April 2015, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske called out the DMV for this very practice, pointing to how DMV employees were instructed to accept voter registration information from all customers and is a misinterpretation of the law, ordering the DMV to stop the practice.

“Please take appropriate corrective action, as we have reason to believe that non-citizens have unlawfully registered to vote in Nevada as a direct result of DMV’s practices, “Cegavske wrote. “The integrity of the entire election process, from voter registration to the casting of ballots, is always my number one concern.”

On Aug. 3, 2020, Sisolak signed AB4 into law, directing election officials to distribute mail-in ballots automatically to all active registered voters for the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election. This bill also gave Sisolak the authority to bypass the Secretary of State’s (SoS) office to adjust election procedures during the declared state of emergency.

Following AB4’s passage, Cegavske acknowledged in a statement, that it was her job to “enforce laws rather than make them.”

This led to roughly 15,000 mail-in or absentee ballots counted in Nevada from voters who had voted in other states. AB4 also legalized the practice of ballot harvesting which is the collecting of absentee voters’ ballots by an individual, who then is to drop them off at polling places or election offices.

Sisolak also pushed for lower voter identification standards, by relaxing signature match requirements, bringing into question hundreds of thousands of cast ballots. The new legislation also allowed voters over sixty-five and who have a disability or are unable to read or write to have someone assist them in physically marking signatures on their ballots.

These relaxed rules thereby have called into question at least some of the 400,000 ballots cast by Nevadans aged 65 and older. These ‘created rules’ also contributed to questionable statewide absentee ballot rejection rate that dropped from 1.6 percent in 2016 to 0.58 percent in 2020.

Finally, Nevada election officials were given a ballot-curing extension for up to a week after Election Day, increasing the likelihood of fraud. If there is an issue with an absentee ballot, such as a signature-matching issue or a missing witness signature, Nevada allows the voter a chance to fix their ballot to help avoid their ballot not being counting.

But because of a newly designed envelope that automatically separated from the ballot, the envelope was often discarded during the counting process. This made it nearly impossible to ascertain which ballot came from what envelope.

Finally, the SoS’s office wrote in a ‘frequently asked questions’ memo for reporters the day following the election that voters who require a signature cure have until 5 p.m. on Nov. 12 to provide the required signature confirmation, and once that is done successfully by the deadline, the voter “will have their ballot counted.”

So far, no figure on the number of ballots not counted has been issued by the SoS’s office. The office has also stated that there has been ‘no widespread voter fraud’ found in Nevada.

“A single complaint or single investigation may include multiple allegations of fraud or multiple suspects. A focus simply on the number of complaints received or active investigations runs the risk of masking the true scope of a complaint or investigation,” a statement from the secretary of state’s office read. “Many voter fraud complaints lack any evidence and are more complaints about process or policy.”

My Cousin Elmo says, “How can I trust the COVID vaccine when I know that Pfizer is in the business of raising the dead? I mean, they still make ‘Viagra,’ don’t they?”

Appointed Day

“No, it won’t hurt,” the doctor at the Institute said, “You’ll be given a shot and you won’t feel a thing.”

Margaret felt relieved. Pain was always her biggest fear as the time for the procedure approached.

On the appointed day, Margaret gathered to stand in line with the others. Each person wore the same paper garment as they approached the separation point.

At her turn, the elderly woman smiled up at the Synth and said, “Thank you.”

Without a word the Synth stabbed a needle in her neck. Margaret fell dead on the conveyor belt like a perfect citizen.

Bell Jar

Considered exceptional as a youngster, Ellen was the top of her university class. After graduation, she received a letter from the State Medical Institute wishing to examine her.

Upon waking, she found she could not see, speak or move and couldn’t understand why.

Ellen sensed more than heard the voices urging her not to panic, directing her, “Allow yourself time to regenerate.”

Beyond her, a conversation, one she could not hear, was taking place, “This is our newest acquisition, 510-10512. This brain has one of the highest IQ’s the institute’s ever seen, and is now surgically connected to the Central System.”

A Mile

He walked a mile in another man’s shoes. A crooked politician. He left them for someone else to wear. Now, no matter how much he scrubs them, his feet will never feel clean again.


It was a gentle rumble, one Modi had heard so many time over the years he’d been at the monastery. He rolled over in bed, stretched, then got up.

The state-run radio was playing in the background, the announcer’s guest saying, “There are no such things as real dragons. They are imaginary, and therefore not to be feared.”

The hot air balloon would soon arrive and he’d have visitors for the rest of the morning. The sound grew louder as he walked out onto the terrace of the building that sat high in the rocky crag of a mountain.

He could see clear to the horizon, where the sun would later set. But Modi would not see it that evening, as he fell prey to a dragon’s rumbling stomach.

“Interesting,” he thought, as the beast swallowed him, “that a hot air balloon’s real burners should sound like an imaginary dragon.”

Poster Child

Jericho lost his device from his work-station. He searched everywhere, but finally had to report the loss.

“Unable to track,” the automated voice of the screen said, “You will receive a new device in three days.”

All day Jericho remained distracted, anxious, eventually growing sick to his stomach, profusely sweating and trembling uncontrollably. His productivity dropped below 10 percent, triggering an alert from Human Resources.

That night, Jericho couldn’t sleep and was found wandering the hallways of his apartment complex talking into his shoe. He remains in the psych-ward, a poster child for why carelessness is frowned on by the State.

Dems Calling for Nevada Assemblywoman’s Resignation

Newly elected Republican Nevada Assemblywoman Annie Black of Mesquite, Nevada was in Washington D.C., in support of President Donald Trump, when the Capitol Building was stormed.

“I’ve attended over a dozen Trump rallies over the past few years, including the one in Bullhead City in October,” Black wrote in an op-ed. “They’ve been nothing but peaceful, fun events. Wednesday’s started out that way … but went horribly and tragically wrong.”

“Regardless, I don’t care if they were Antifa, rogue Trump supporters, white nationalists (or) whatever,” she continued. “Those who rioted inside the Capitol should be identified, arrested, charged, prosecuted and severely punished.”

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which works to elect Democrats to positions in state legislatures, called for Black’s resignation, along with 11 other state legislators from around the country the organization said were involved in the chaos.

“There is blood on the ground at Capitol Hill and Republicans have nothing to say about their own elected officials who cheered on the rioters,” said Jessica Post, president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in a statement. “There must be consequences for these shameful actions.”

Nevada Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas, and Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus, R-Wellington, released a joint statement stating that it would be “disappointing to learn of any elected leader at any level of government participating in violent or criminal activities.”

“Nevada families deserve representatives who take their duty to uphold the fabric of our democracy with the level of seriousness it demands,” the statement read. “Any activities deemed criminal should be handled by law enforcement and any actions taken against any member will be carefully considered if appropriate, but we will not be distracted from doing the work Nevadans elected us to do to get through these unprecedented times.”

No one in either party called for Gov. Steve Sisolak’s resignation following a video that aired on KTNV, where at about the 5:56 mark, Sisolak says, “To those who will be out on our streets asking to be seen and asking to be heard, I thank you.”

This comes right after acknowledging that LVMPD Officer Shay Mikalonis was shot in the head and left paralyzed by a Black Lives Matter rioter. Sisolak then went on to call for police to be “patient” with the rioters.

Edgar Samaniego has since been arrested and charged with the shooting of Mikalonis.

Those Shipping Containers

Five or more years ago, I was being told I was full of shit and called nothing but a conspiracy theorist when I asked, “Are they planning a massive die-off?” after I first noted this sort of stuff being obtained by various state authorities, then stored away. Now suddenly, from the Las Vegas Sun, today:

Expert: Southern Nevada was fortunate in procuring the portable metal containers early in the pandemic because jurisdictions throughout the country are now competing for ways to store bodies awaiting burial or cremation.

From the news article itself:

Funeral homes and the county coroner in Las Vegas are preparing for a post-holiday spike in coronavirus deaths by adding storage space — including refrigerated trailers with special shelving — for corpses. In case of a surge, one container was left in the coroner’s office parking lot in mid-December. It’s not being used but could add space for up to 60 bodies in addition to the 100 inside the morgue.

So fucking sick of being right and yet the one to have to back down because no one tells the goddamned truth in the media anymore.

Bulls Eye

“Jus’ fucking shoot me now! No one gets it. No one really cares. Not even my wife. And no, I don’t want the blindfold, nor do I need a cigarette. My nerves are jus’ fine. Okay, I’ll take the blindfold, you insistent, Bastard! The yellow one, please. Make it quick.”


She danced alone, joy-filled and without abandon, in a space left wild and untouched by casted shadow. Her difficulties, it was be decided by the State, would be resolved by 35mg of Adderall per day.

Don’t Play with the Power

A simple tent revival scam was all it was ever supposed to be, all it had ever been. But this time it wasn’t and I know I’ll never see anything like it again – ever.

Sitting in the second row, I watched as Sister Laurel took the stage like she had so many times before. And I was there in the audience, a unseeing shill, like so many times before.

What happened next is a mystery. Sister Laurel prayed, sang, shouted and danced like she usually would but then she stopped cold, grew rigid, head back, gurgling, before she began to shake violently before regaining herself.

“Must be something new added at the last minute,” I thought, noting that the yokels didn’t seem to be buying into her act.

Then Sister Laurel made an alter call and she began to heal those not in on our gag.

They walked, leaving canes, crutches, and wheelchairs, dancing in the aisles. Others began to speak though mute all their lives, to see for the first time, and still other’s to hear.

Like I said, I’ve never seen anything like it – and never will again – as the blind woman next to me began to see.

Not Listening

They demand attention. They demand money. They demand liberty. They refuse to listen and they are not listening now. Nothing to be said, no voice left, only tears for the coming days.  An ends to their means. Unplug those ears, Peasant, and listen!

Not for Child’s Play

At first glance, a child’s stuffed toy, lost. Closer inspection reveals something more. A poor soul, separated from its collective. With no one to say which way to turn, what to do, how to think, it surrendered and fell down. It lays there still, afraid to move.

The Next Short Step

A simple pair of worn out tennis shoes. They represent how history’s being altered before our eyes and ears. No one saying a thing. October One, 1960 — Nikita Khrushchev gaveling his shoe on a desk during a United Nation’s meeting. Nope, that didn’t happen. Keep walking.

A Murder Romance

“What sort of short story would it take for you to enjoy my writing?” I asked my wife.
“You know what sort of books I like to read,” she answered.
“Murder romance?” I said.
“Yup,” she said.

Homicide Detective Taylor arrived on scene at 7:38 in the morning.

“What do we have?” he asked.

“Looks like a suicide,” the lead police officer said.

Inside the home, the back bedroom, he saw the body, face down on the floor, arms tucked beneath his chest, a dark red-black hole penetrating his right temple. Once the coroner arrived and they were allowed to move the man’s body, they found a 38-special under him.

“Yeah, looks like a suicide, but I’ll know for sure once I get him on the table,” the doc said.

Hours later the scene was released to the family, namely the man’s estranged wife, Naomi Miller. Taylor was the last to leave the scene.

“I did it okay, then?” she asked, with a smile.

“Perfect,” Taylor whispered in her ear as he held her in his arms.

His cellphone rang, “Taylor,” a long pause, “I see.”

He hung up and looked Naomi, “Problem?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Taylor answered, “No gun-shot residue on his right hand.”

“Damn it!” Naomi growled.

Her anger turned Taylor on. He’d worry about the evidence, or the lack thereof, in the morning.

Right now, Taylor had his murderous girlfriend to comfort all night long.

No More Platform

The train used to stop here in the early years of the 20th century. But like truth and opposing opinions of the early years of this 21st century, the building is now deplatformed and being allowed to decay until it is but a shell of its once bustling self.


A friend suggested planting this cone. A wonderful idea. The seeds are gone though, blown away by the perennial and hapless wind or eaten, and by now defecated where ever the animal has decided, only to grow wild or wither away, unnurtured, or worse — to never grow again.

Sunset Over the Land

Everything that my parents wanted when I was kid, came true last night, as American’s fell asleep once again. All I could do was watch the sunset on the high Nevada desert and on the United States one last time. A dark winter has come across this land.

Mouth-watering mushrooms

Mouth-watering mushrooms are what Elisa Jenkins wanted. So she ventured out into the nearby field in search of the delicate morsels.

She found several that were not edible, and two that where absolutely deadly if eaten, poison so intense that they could shut down a man’s central nervous system within minutes of consumption. Elisa marveled at them, but did not touch.

Soon she entered a large copse of trees, tall, slender and inviting, where she discovered what she desired. Mushrooms everywhere.

Elisa Jenkins was what they were desiring too, as she quickly learned that she could not outrun mouth-watering mushrooms.

My Cousin Elmo says, “It was a hell of a game that was played on Capitol Hill today, between the Patriots and the Stealers. The Stealers won 306 -232.”

With Style

Tom finished straightening his red silk tie, making certain the double Windsor knot was as tight as he could make it. Not given to wearing tie, he wanted to make sure he made a lasting impression.

“Come on,” the man in the doorway barked, “Time to go.”

Tom glanced one more time in the mirror and smiled. He looked absolutely dashing, he thought.

“Don’t know why you even bothered,” the man at his side gruffed.

Tom said nothing. He was concentrating on maintaining his nerve.

“So do you wanna blindfold or do you wanna see it coming?” the man growled.

My Cousin Elmo says, “Are we still allowed to say ‘tranny fluid,’ or do we call it, ‘gender-neutral shift juice,’ now?”

My Cousin Elmo says, “After being declared dead, actress Tanya Roberts has been declared alive, then dead again. Funny that the Zombie Apocalypse would begin in Hollywood.”

Good Question, Wrong Premise

Katie Carroll, Senior Managing Editor, LinkedIn News asks in a post, “Will fathering change post-pandemic?”

She goes on to write:

“The pandemic has upended how we work and how we parent. How much will change in the future – particularly for fathers? As vaccines begin to roll out, some dads ‘may not want to return to their old routines,’ noted USA Today. Although women have still taken on the majority of household tasks, the number of couples who said child care responsibilities were evenly split rose to 56%, up from 45% pre-pandemic. And 68% of dads say they’ve felt closer to their kids, according to a Lean In survey.”

My opinion:  good question, wrong premise.

This ought to be the real point: With men being vaccinated against COVID-19 how will the post-pandemic change becoming a father?

For more than a couple of years now, we’ve been treated by social media platforms to various memes and stories about how persons like Bill and Melinda Gates wish to reduce the worlds population. I’ve paid little attention to this stuff – till now.

After reading the pamphlets of the two leading COVID-19 vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, when they were first rolled out, I learned that there is some concern about male sterility. Of course, what I’m writing at the moment has already been debunked by fact-checkers and relegated to either junk-science or conspiracy theory, and further, those pamphlet that I first read but didn’t take screen shots of, have since been scrubbed from the Internet.

As stated, wrong premise. The better one would be — will humanity survive if for some reason debunkers and fact-checkers have it all wrong?

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 8 of 8)

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s Chicago-based nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life delivered grants to election offices in more than 2,500 jurisdictions across the country, including in Nevada, with both Washoe and Clark Counties receiving funds. Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, gave $250 million to the group with another $100 million heading to the Center for Election Innovation & Research to be distributed to Secretaries of State across the country.

The city of North Las Vegas, Nevada used 10 vote centers in their 2017 city elections instead of 20 polling locations, and estimates a savings of approximately $55,000.

In March, Congress allocated $400 million for states and local governments to use for their elections. After Congress didn’t provide a second round of funding, Zuckerberg stepped up to funnel money through the Center for Tech and Civic Life to help with election administration.

In 2016, David Becker founded The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) stating that the center helps states: maintain accurate and complete voter lists and secure election technology infrastructure.

The Nevada offices for CEIR, is registered under CT Corporate System, 701 South Carson Street, Ste# 200, Carson City, Nevada 89701. Its file number is E0212062017-5, which was filed on May 1, 2017.

It is short walk from CIER’s offices to Secretary of State Barbara Cegasvke’s office. And while CIER’s website claims to have appropriated money’s to both Washoe and Clark, Nevada’s two most populated counties, a financial trail has yet to be properly established.

Becker claimed that the problems facing Nevada were primarily administrative, not technical. He said one of the biggest challenges was the training of volunteers who have no experience running elections.

In 2008, Becker became the director of election initiatives at Pew Charitable Trusts. There, Becker started the Electronic Registration and Information Center (ERIC), a voter registration and sharing system between 30 states, including Nevada, in which he claimed to have helped correct 4 million voter registrations and registered millions of new voters.

Becker also said one way to mitigate problems for the majority of voters would be to concentrate efforts to train caucus organizers in Clark County because the vast majority of votes in the state are cast there. It’s in Clark County, where the majority of fraudulent election incidents are alleged to have taken place.

My Cousin Elmo says, “People are tripping because 2021 is pronounced 20-20-won. Wait till they realize 2022 is pronounced 20-20-too.”

Infinite Highway

Bad news.

Four counties traversed, a snow shower, one dust storm, the ever present and merciless wind, a heavy down pour of rain, all for naught and all before noon. Both interviews I had planned for today, fell through.

The first interview started off good. I asked the most basic of questions: so what does your organization do for the community?

And that person was off and talking.

Blah, blah, blah, me, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, myself, blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, I, blah.

Thank you and I’m off to the next one…

Half-a-dozen phone calls last week and two more this morning and still I get only the answering machine. Cold calling for an interview rarely goes well.

“Hi, I’m…”
“Hey, boss, it’s that newspaper reporter guy, that keeps calling.”
“Sorry, we don’t even know when we’re actually going to be open for business.”

Now, my ego is such that being called ‘Newspaper reporter guy,’ is actually a compliment. Knowing my phone calls were heard, but not returned, kicks that same ego to the curb.


There’s good news, though…

Four counties traversed, a snow shower, one dust storm, the ever present and merciless wind, a heavy down pour of rain and I finally drove State Route 439, the Infinity Highway. Despite its name, I’m happy to report it does have both a beginning and an end, very finite.

The last time I was on this roadway, I was with my wife and it ended abruptly with a wall of dirt and rocks. We also interrupted a film crew, taping what looked to be a cross between CSI: Las Vegas and Grindhouse, dirty looks included for free.

Also got a couple of nice photographs out of the deal, but then I’m still down two stories before deadline. Perhaps now that my powder is all wet, I can do a story on the Governor as he’s always good from some dynamite copy.

Mask up!

While organizing various files I found this short piece that I’d forgotten all  about. I never shared because it really had no place in what I was writing about at the time. I jus’ recall thinking is was kind of funny in an ironic way…

Twitter posts from Nevada Democrat Congresswoman Susie Lee:

  • October 19: “#COVID19 is not over. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. Get tested.”
  • October 25: “Wash your hands, wear a mask, and download @NVHealthRespon1 #COVID19 Trace app.”
  • October 30: “The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands and wear a mask.”
  • November 13: “Please stay home, wear masks, and if you must go out, practice social distancing and avoid big crowds.”
  • November 17: “Wear a mask. Socially distance. Stay home to the best of your ability.”
  • November 22: “Wear a mask.”
  • November 25: “Wear a mask, and stay home if you are able to as much as possible.”

Also on November 25 from the news…

“Nevada congresswoman Susie Lee tests positive for COVID-19”

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 7 of 8)

Election integrity analysts have long been concerned about Dominion Voting Systems and it’s alleged the tampering of election equipment during manufacturing. Dominion Voting Systems software is used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Dominion Voting Systems has ties to prominent Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, in April of last year that Dominion Voting Systems hired a high-powered lobbying firm Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck that includes Nadeam Elshami, Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, as one of DVS’s lobbyists.

In September 2009, ES&S acquired Premier, without any objections from the DOJ.

In 2010, the Obama administration confiscated electronic voting systems assets (software, intellectual property, manufacturing tools, customer base, etc.) from American companies Diebold and ES&S, and gave them to Dominion. At the same time, Dominion got some employees and assets from a foreign EVS company, tied to Hugo Chavez.

This gift included the installed base of about 30% of the US electronic voting systems (EVS) market.

Within two weeks, Dominion also acquired Sequoia, which was formally spun from Smartmatic, but ties between these two companies remained. Smartmatic is a British company with Hugo Chavez ties, headed by ‘Lord’ Malloch-Brown, former UN Deputy Secretary-General, UNDP, UNHCR, VP of Soros’ Quantum Fund, and Vice Chair of Soros’ Open Society Foundation and whose software was used by Chavez in the Venezuelan referendum in 2004.

This is how the assets transfer was structured, per the DOJ on March 8, 2010:

“WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice announced today that it will require Election Systems & Software (ES&S) to divest voting equipment systems assets it purchased in September 2009 from Premier Election Solutions Inc. in order to restore competition. The assets to be divested include the means to produce all versions of Premier’s hardware, software and firmware used to record, tabulate, transmit or report votes, including the Assure 1.2 system, and a license to better serve disabled voters.

The department said that today’s settlement will restore competition in voting equipment systems in the United States the acquisition substantially reduced competition as it combined the two largest providers of systems used to tally votes in federal, state and local elections in the United States. ES&S’s acquisition of Premier made ES&S the provider of more than 70 percent of the voting equipment systems in the United States.

The department said that because the cash value of the deal between ES&S and Premier was $5 million, far below the mandatory reporting threshold for mergers under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, the department’s investigation of the transaction did not begin until the companies had combined their assets and dismantled many of Premier’s operating divisions.

Dominion Voting, is not mentioned in this press release.

Dominion announced the acquisition of the Diebold products on May 19, 2010 and the acquisition of Sequoia Voting assets on June 4, 2010. Dominion also hired much of its personnel, probably retaining ties to extremely sketchy Smartmatic.

Dominion develops much of its software in Belgrade, Serbia. Russia is a close friend to Serbia, if not its only one. If anybody sincerely thought that Putin wanted to hack American elections, their first location of interest would be the offices of Dominion Voting in Belgrade, rather than the Trump Tower in New York.

By the way, Serbian and Russian languages use the Cyrillic alphabet. Most letters have the same Unicode encoding in Serbian and Russian, the Basic Multilingual Plane, range 0410-04FF. If any election officials found Cyrillic text on a Dominion voting machine in 2016, it was probably left there by developers in Serbia.

It is in the Wording not the Rewording

After reading Congressman Louis Gohmert, of Texas, failed lawsuit asking to clarify whether Vice-president Mike Pence is to follow the 12th Amendment or if an 1887 law is the vice-president’s final guide as to the electoral count of Jan. 6, it came into sharp focus that we have been again victimized by the main stream media. Furthermore, it’s the House of Representatives that could end up deciding the 2020 presidential election and in favor of President Trump.

Say what – not the Senate? Yes, they’ll also have their say, but first let’s clear up a huge misconception being laid on all of us.

The media keeps saying that each member of the House has a single vote when it comes to deciding on the presidential electorates. This is incorrect: the 12th Amendment reads, “the representation from each state having one vote.”

Realize that ‘representation from each state,’ is not the same as ‘each state representative,’ rather, it means a state delegation is the representation and only one person from each delegation gets to cast a vote. And now the kicker: while the House is controlled by a Democrat majority, it is a Republican majority that holds the number of state delegations in that body.

Fault and Government: A Parable

Decadence, that’s the only word for it, in my opinion. Too much of my wife’s baklava and coffee in the morning and too many of my wife’s grape jelly and barbecue sauce meatballs and whiskey that night.

Then I stand before the mirror in the morning and complain that I’m only getting fatter. Whose fault is this?

If I allowed the government to regulate my life, they certainly wouldn’t blame me. Nor would they blame all the ingredients in the food prepared by my wife.

They might have something to say about the whiskey or cite yet another study showing coffee is or isn’t good for me. But they’d not blame me.

Instead, they’d want to remove that one common component in my life that all these foods have: my wife. That’s how government works and therefore are not to be trusted with your life or your wife.

But blame me — never.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 6 of 8)

Staple Street Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2009 based in New York. Co-founder Stephen D. Owens is a veteran of The Carlyle Group and Cerberus Capital Management, also a board members of Dominion Voting.

The official website of Staple Street Capital has since deleted this information.

Key individuals at Dominion, connected with Carlyle Group are the Saudi bin Laden Corporation were also managed by the Carlyle Group before the 9/11 attack in New York. Individuals include John Major, former UK Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros; Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC; Karl Otto Pöhl, former Bundesbank president; Henri Martre, former president of Aerospatiale; and Bilderberg steering committee member Etienne Davignon.

Most recently it has been discovered that Attorney General William Barr has been paid $1.2 million by Dominion over the years and continues to benefit from stock options in the corporation.

And though ‘independently fact checked’ and claimed as false, a wedding announcement in the New York Times proving otherwise, shows that Valerie Biden Owens, Joe Biden’s younger sister and one of his campaign advisors, is married to John T. Owens. The same announcement lists John as the brother of R. Kevin Owens, one of the four principal founders of Staple Street Capital, though this information has also been scrubbed the company’s website.

Between Honesty and Possible Hunger

Since the November 3 elections, maybe even before, I can’t recall and I haven’t gone back to look, I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time digging into the various stories of fraud, pulling up bits and pieces of evidence, but mostly documenting what I’ve found about Nevada’s 2020 elections. This is not a popular activity on any blogging platform and I have lost a number of readers because of it.

Be that as it may, I’ve endeavored to remain as honest as possible in all aspects of my writing and reporting. If any of it appears to be a little heavy handed and leaning to the right, it’s a defensive thing, as I’ve spent the last 20-years in the media getting the ‘shit kicked’ out of me because I refuse to conform to the — I was going to say typical, but that isn’t correct — the news corporation propaganda that says I must follow ‘their rules,’ — like the Associated Press Style Guide.

That said, I’m not sorry for the ‘leaning’ or the ‘heavy handiness’ as I called it. Sometimes believe I’m standing alone in this maelstrom, knowing that those around me either see what they are doing as actual honest work or they are hidden amongst the folds of ‘true believers,’ collecting a paycheck.

The reason I bring this up is that I was told recently that if I’d be willing to ‘toe-the-line,’ bend in my ways, walk with the media instead of swimming against it, I be hired in a heartbeat ‘as you definitely have a skill for storytelling.’ Thank you for the compliment, but no, I think I’d rather starve than be a fraud.

Now that I’ve said all of this, I plan to continue documenting Nevada election fraud, or whatever you want to call it, even if it leads nowhere.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 5 of 8)

Sequoia Holdings orchestrated a turnaround in 2010 with the acquisition by Dominion Voting System. On June 4, 2010, Dominion Voting Systems, a previously little-known Canadian company which engaged in the manufacture of electronic voting hardware and optical scanners, acquired Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. Sequoia filed a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in February 2014.”

It is worth taking a closer look at the Sequoia group of companies, Sequoia Capital, Sequoia Capital China, and their particularly their founder Neil Shen. Shen is the key connection between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Sequoia, and Dominion Voting Systems and their work in the US elections.

In 2005, Shen established Sequoia Capital China as an affiliate to the U.S. firm, with the support of Sequoia Capital’s Michael Moritz and Douglas Leone. Sequoia Capital has also invested in Apple, Google, Oracle, PayPal, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo!, WhatsApp, and Alibaba to name but a few.

As a member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, in September 2015, Shen met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the China – U.S. Internet Industry Forum in Seattle. In November 2015, during COP 21 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris), the Breakthrough Energy Coalition was formed led by Bill Gates, Shen, Jack Ma (another CCP member and founder of Alibaba), and Mark Zuckerberg.

Clark County, Nevada’s 56K Adjudicated Ballots Problem

The Nevada Secretary of State’s website states that Joe Biden’s margin of victory was a little over 39,000 votes. Following the election, the Trump campaign sued to disqualify 84,000 double votes, 19,000 vacant lot votes, 15,000 votes from people not living in Nevada, 4,000 non U.S. citizen votes and 1,500 votes, involving dead people.

Carson City District Court Judge James Russell dismissed the case on Dec. 4, 2020, citing insufficient evidence. Then six-days later, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria located 139 adjudicated ballots, which are ballots where the voter’s intent is unclear, from that county’s Commission ‘C’ race between Ross Miller and Stavros Anthony.

One ballot had Anthony’s name crossed out and Miller’s filled in, even though the voter had marked an otherwise straight Republican ticket. In fact, the Clark County Elections Department gave the majority of those adjudicated ballots in question to Miller, 94 to 44.

Clark County’s process to adjudicate ballots consisted of two staffers reviewing ballots and correcting them by either filling in the circle so the Dominion Voting Machine could read it or by filling out a duplicate ballot. County Registrar Gloria disclosed that his office was also in possession of 56,000 adjudicated ballots and that they had disqualified 10,799 ballots during the June primary in 2020.

Because of the last-minute legislatively-passed mail-in ballot plan, ballots were left permanently separated from their envelopes making it impossible to ask a voter who they intended to vote for.  Because of this, the Clark County Elections Department has been unlawfully allowed to determined voter intent in violation of the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Bush v. Gore.

No one knows how many ballots Gloria or his office had disqualified during the November 3rd General election and so far no one has been allowed to examine them, or any of the 56,000 adjudicated ballots.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 4 of 8)

In November 2007 CFIUS issued a ruling ordering Smartmatic to sell all of its shares in Sequoia Voting Systems in exchange for CFIUS dropping its investigation of Smartmatic. But what followed was far from what one might expect.

Following a ruling by the CFIUS, Smartmatic was ordered to sell to Sequoia’s management team- SVS Holdings Inc, (Sequoia Holdings). However, Smartmatic still retained some financial control over several aspects of Sequoia, ownership of the intellectual property rights of some of Sequoia’s election products deployed in the U.S., and the right to negotiate for overseas business.

It was only in April 2008 that these arrangements were revealed when Hart InterCivic, a competitor of Sequoia, attempted a “hostile takeover” of Sequoia Holdings. Through the discovery process made possible by the purchase offer it became evident that Smartmatic had not fully divested itself of Sequoia Holdings.

The purchase contract showed several elements of permanent control over Sequoia Holdings.

  • Smartmatic still retained some financial control of Sequoia Holdings.
  • Smartmatic also retained ownership of intellectual property rights for some of Sequoia’s currently deployed election products in the United States.
  • Sequoia Holdings reserved the right to negotiate non-compete contracts overseas.

These arrangements were allegedly made with the review and approval of CFIUS. Sequoia Holdings faces substantial legal liability for infringement of intellectual property rights and repeated voting system failures.

Washoe County Accepted Private Money to Conduct 2020 Election

In early 2020, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) received a $250 million grant from Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. Then October 2020, they announced they were donating an additional $100 million to CTCL, with reports stating it may have been as high as $500 million.

Listed as a CTCL COVID-19 Response Grant Program, these grants, which at minimum, begin at $5-thousand, provided funding to local election offices to help ensure they have the ‘critical resources they need to safely serve every voter in 2020.’ The grant program is an open call to every local election office in the country.

CTCL also appears in a list of links found on the Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials official page which is contained within the Nevada Secretary of States official website.

With these grants came various ways for counties around the nation to increase volunteerism in precincts. This includes ‘Adopt-a-Precinct,’ turning Election Day into ‘a fundraising and team building opportunity for churches, nonprofits, and fraternities’ and where the group receives a single check for working Election Day.

On January 03, 2020, the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office announced the launching of the ‘Adopt a Polling Place program’ for the 2020 elections, offering groups or organizations over $1,100 during each Primary or General Election for their ‘volunteer’ work.

“We have so many dedicated individuals that serve during each election cycle. However, we wanted to better engage our community groups and organizations to serve together. During the upcoming 2020 Primary & General Elections, we will offer more polling locations this election, resulting in an increased need for poll workers,” said Registrar of Voters, Deanna Spikula. “This is also a great way for a business or organization to be recognized favorably in the community. By adopting a polling place, organizations can experience an increase in visibility, awareness and a more engaged workforce.”

Clark County, the hub for the majority of the states fraud allegations, also accepted money from CTCL. And while the minimum grant begins at $5 thousand, no total amount is given in the public record as to how much these grants were for, what they were used for, who administered the money, or why the money was even needed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

My Cousin Elmo says, “‘COFFEE’ spelled backwards ‘EEFFOC,’ which, when prefaced with ‘I don’t give…’ is exactly how I feel before my first cup in the morning.”

Ten Years On

Tonney Cooper pulled the old discarded jacket on. Stuffing his hands in the front pockets, he was surprised to find an old COVID-19 mask from 2020 in one of them.

“What a strange year that was,” he thought as he set the mask aside and stretched his arms to see how well it fit.

Though unable to button it, he slipped out the back door of the derelict home. Tonney Cooper had several miles to go as he cross the wasteland once known as Reno, while staying to the shadows to avoid the other scavenging survivors and the United Nation patrols.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot (Pt. 3 of 8)

In 1984, Sequoia Pacific System Corporation purchased the voting machine business of AVM Corporation (the former Automatic Voting Machine Corporation) and reorganized it as Sequoia Voting Systems. By the time Sequoia bought the AVM voting business, the AVM Automatic Voting Computer (AVC) was ready for market.

Under Sequoia’s ownership, AVC was certified for use in several states in 1986 and 1987, and it went to market as the ‘Sequoia AVC Advantage DRE voting machine’ in 1990.

In late 1997, benefiting from an antitrust action by the U.S. Department of Justice, Sequoia Voting System obtained the intellectual property rights of the Optech line of ballot scanners. It proceeded to manufacture scanning voting machines and developed a touch-screen.

But the product underperformed after several years of losses.

In March 2005, the company was acquired by Smartmatic, which had developed a range of advanced election systems, including voting machines. Since then, Smartmatic has assigned most of its development and management teams to work on retrofitting some of Sequoia’s old-fashioned, legacy voting machines and replacing their technology with proprietary features, resulting in new high-tech products.

As a result, Sequoia sold many next-generation election products and experienced a healthy financial recovery in fiscal years 2006 and 2007. However, in the 2006 presidential election, Sequoia’s voting system was called into question.

  • Cook County, Illinois is the second most populous county in the United States. It had many problems using the Sequoia Voting System. Problems were suspected to be related to a software error of the voting system.
  • Florida replaced the punch card voting system with a touchscreen system after the 2000 election problems, but the touchscreen system purchased from Sequoia had some major problems.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) opened an investigation into Sequoia only after Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who chaired the subcommittee overseeing CFIUS and who co‐authored the Foreign Investment and National Security Act 2007 (FINSA), wrote a letter to then-Treasury Secretary John Snow inquiring whether the Venezuelan government could use Sequoia to manipulate U.S. elections. Maloney cited the fact that the Venezuelan state had invested in Smartmatic’s affiliates, the company’s current ownership was buried in a labyrinth of offshore trusts, and revelations that Sequoia had flown 15 Venezuelan nationals to Chicago to tabulate votes in a local election.

“There clearly remained doubt surrounding this company, and as long as those doubts lingered, many people would have legitimate questions about the integrity of these voting machines,” said Maloney. “When I first raised this case with Treasury, I thought that it was ripe for a CFIUS investigation, because the integrity of our voting machines is vital to national security. At that time, Smartmatic flatly refused to undergo a CFIUS review. But now it seems the company could not overcome the cloud of doubt surrounding this doubt – had they been able to, we would not be talking about a sale of Sequoia today. As I said in May, it seems that a CFIUS review was in fact the proper course.”

The company replaced its headquarters in Boca Raton in favor of a complex structure with offices in multiple locations. The U.S. State Department said its Venezuelan owners “remain hidden behind a network of holding companies in the Netherlands and Barbados”; its organization is “a complex network of offshore companies and foreign trusts.”

Dawn Elberta Wells, 1938-2020

As a youngster, one of the television programs that used to come on in the afternoon was ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ Reruns, but it generally beat out the Merv Griffin Show, as I’d sit the couch with an after school snack of whatever I scrounged the fridge or cupboard.

Years later, my dad and I were watching one of those many reruns when he said, “Tina Louise is the sexiest thing.”

“You gotta be kidding, whadda ‘bout Dawn Wells?” I said.

We never did agree.

More years later, and who’d have known that I would become friends with Dawn. It was a work afternoon and out of all guys there, she sat in my lap, laughed, told stories about her childhood, the pageants she won, the big one she lost and how it launched her career.

And, of course, I ate every second of her unexpected attention up. It would be later that I’d discover that this is who Dawn Wells really was and it was delightful.

She was far more interesting than her ‘breakout’ character. In fact, she was a bit of a wild child, the hippy-chick she never had the chance to be when she was in her 20’s and a time which had passed her by, once she realized she was more than simply an actress.

One conversation that we had, sticks out. She was explaining to me the downfalls of fame.

“I’ve always been close to the famous, but I’ve never been famous,” I said.

“Good!” she said.

It was her surprisingly down-to-earth response that made me realize – I am fine right where I’m at in this life, but I will however miss having those sort of deep, to the point conversations with the woman I once idolized as a kid, but grew to love as a friend.

Not Today

It began as a distant rumble and a few bangs. Before anyone knew it, Zaxxers were racing through the neighborhood, burning homes, killing people and looting everything that wasn’t nailed down.

Gene Arlo lived alone and didn’t have much worth stealing, still they came, smashing in his front door, chasing him out the back. On his way out, he grabbed his 30-30, his bag of ammo and other necessities he kept handy, then retreated to his elm tree where he’d built a platform for bird watching a couple of years before.

“Are you crazy?” a neighbor asked as Gene pounded in the nails holding the platform in place.

Another chided, “You’re gonna fall and kill yourself.”

“But not today,” Gene thought, as he casually took aim at one Zaxxer after another.

By then several people he knew and lived near were laying in their yards, their driveways and in the street, each dead. Houses, up and down the many streets, were burning and he could hear the agonized screams and crying of survivors.

Gene Arlo laid on his perch, watched his home burn as the military picked up the dead bodies, then after nightfall, he silently disappeared into the rocky desert.

Spider-Bug, Pt. 3

Brad Chambers was on his fifth beer, seated on his Panther Valley back porch, looking out over the Nevada scrub. His yard ran adjacent to Bureau of Land Management property.

He watched the green headlights creep along the distant ravine.

“Ain’t no vehicle’s supposed to be out there,” he said, deciding to investigate.

It didn’t take him long to find the lights.

“Yeah,” Brad told the 9-1-1 operator, “I found that missing sculpt…”

The call dropped.

The Spider-Bug stood over the smoldering pile of dust, knowing it must find a more isolated location while it waiting for its final instructions.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 2 of 8)

Smartmatic first established a presence in the United States in 2000 in Boca Raton, Florida, then moved its headquarters to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2004, before opening new headquarters in London in 2012. Smartmatic’s voting solution was first implemented in the August 2004 recall referendum against President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, and was successful in helping Chávez secure 59% of the votes.

This result was met with accusations of electoral fraud. At the time questions were only raised about the election process and patterns, however nobody focused on the Smartmatic voting system.

According to Wikipedia: “although Smartmatic has made different claims about whether they are American or Dutch, the U.S. State Department notes that the owners of the company remain hidden in a network of holding companies in the Netherlands and Barbados”.

The New York Times notes that “the role of the young Venezuelan engineers who founded Smartmatic has become less obvious and that its organization is an elaborate network of offshore companies and foreign trusts.”

BBC News noted that while Smartmatic says the company was founded in the U.S. and “its roots are firmly fixed in (Venezuela), the ownership structure is opaque.” Smartmatic maintains that holding companies in multiple countries are used for “tax efficiency.”

WikiLeaks provides some more detail, “…they have a list of about 30 anonymous investors …. the silent partners are mainly upper-class Venezuelans, …. then Defense Minister Jose Vicente Rangel …. the Vice President’s daughter Gisela Rangel Avalos, Chávez’s political mentor Luis Miquelina is also a shareholder in the company ….”

The true identity of most of Smartmatic’s shareholders remains a mystery.

Nevada’s SoS Goes on the Defensive

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske says there is no truth to the allegations that she forwarded private voter information to a Pakistani-based intelligence company.

Talk about parsing words. While not a Pakistani intelligence company, she did send the information to a Pakistani tech company with tied to that country’s intelligence agency.

As she’s claiming this, she is also calling ‘True the Vote (TTV),’ a liar by claiming with TTV placed the cc’d foreign email address on the email sent by the SoS’s office.

“The automated program then sent the information as requested,” Cegavske’s office wrote. “The SOS IT staff has confirmed there have been no hacks or other reasons this could have occurred. This incident has been referred to appropriate law enforcement.”

TTV’s founder Catherine Engelbrecht said that no one at her organization had manually added the foreign email address in their email request to the secretary of state’s office.

“We welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone at NV SOS and encourage them to look at the IP address from whence the request(s) originated,” she said in a message. “It was not from us. And that is why we reported it.”

In early December, True the Vote sent a letter to the Department of Justice regarding the email and the cc’d address, saying it “appears to be evidence of a breach within the Nevada Secretary of State’s email system.”

Cegavske has published a “Facts vs. Myths” PDF pushing back against all the allegations she’s facing regarding Nevada’s 2020 election.

As an added note, Cegavske faced similar allegations during her 2018 race against Democrat Nelson Arajuo, who claimed she had provided private voter information to a Trump administration election integrity commission.

Social Justice Lessons Challenged by Nevada Student

Reporter’s Notebook: I’m so glad I don’t have a child in post-secondary school anymore, I’d be in prison by now…

A Las Vegas, Nevada high school senior is suing a taxpayer-funded charter school over its Critical Race Theory-based curriculum.

Filed Dec. 22 in federal court, William Clark claims his First and 14th Amendment rights are being violated after being told that by refusing to identify with an oppressive group, he is exercising his privilege and underscoring his role as an oppressor. The student at Democracy Prep, whose mother is black and deceased father was white, said there’s a hostile classroom environment, and is being discriminated against in the mandatory, year-long “Sociology of Change” course required for graduation.

The courses require students to ‘unlearn’ and ‘fight back’ against ‘oppressive’ structures in their family arrangements, religious beliefs and practices, racial, sexual, and gender identities, all of which they are required to divulge and subject to non-private interrogation. He was also required “to reveal his racial, sexual, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and religious identities” by his teacher, who greeted students by saying, “Hello, my wonderful social justice warriors!”

Clark was told the next step would be to determine if parts of his identity “have privilege or oppression attached to it,” and where privilege was defined as “the inherent belief in the inferiority of the oppressed group.” The school repeatedly threatened Clark “with material harm including a failing grade and non-graduation if he failed to comply with their requirements.”

The lawsuit comes after President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13950 on Sept. 22 prohibiting the military, federal agencies, and federal contractors from promoting the “divisive concepts” that are part of Critical Race Theory in workplace training sessions.

U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman, an Obama appointee, however, issued a preliminary nationwide injunction against the order, agreeing with an LGBT diversity training organization that argued the order violated its free speech rights.


Probably Not

From a phone call with a local state senator:

“So, will anything be done about Secretary Cegavske’s actions regarding these recent elections?”
I can’t answer that on the record.
“Okay, off the record then.”
Probably not.

From the Way-Back Machine:

Carson City, Dec. 3, 2004 – State Controller Kathy Augustine left the Senate on Saturday after charges that could have removed her from office were dismissed. Augustine faced three articles of impeachment accusing her of having her staff spend a large portion of their state time on her 2002 re-election campaign and of using her office computers, equipment and facilities in that campaign.

That was more than 16-years-ago and now look, the same body, the Nevada Senate seems unwilling to even entertain the idea of calling itself back into session to investigate the myriad of charges leveled at Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske. Most recent of these charges are that she improperly transmitted the entirety of Nevada’s voter rolls to a Pakistani tech company with ties to a Pakistani intelligence agency in November 2020.

Oddly enough, Cegavske was absent from the senate that Saturday when Augustine was censured by this once esteemed Nevada body politic.

Spider-Bug, Pt. 2

Where it had come from, no one really knew. It had simply appeared one day on the playa of the Black Rock Desert.

The Bureau of Land Management shipped it south of Reno, to it offices. There, it stood for a few years, next to the maintenance sheds before being sold to the City of Reno.

Known as the Spider-Bug, it rested atop the abandoned livestock rendering plant, overlooking the Wells Avenue overpass. After another lengthy period, it was sold to an auto shop to be used as advertising.

It rested on top the shop for over 20-years before vanishing.

Cutting into Nevada’s Election Fraud Knot, (Pt. 1 of 8)

In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, with public opinion, on election day November 3rd, overwhelmingly in favor of President Trump, the preliminary results from the mainstream media on the morning of November 4th showed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden winning the Presidential contest over President Trump. While Biden’s team was celebrating, evidence of ballot fraud was emerging. The Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) ballot-counting system used in 28 states during the election contained Chinese-made hardware components as well as the Smartmatic ballot software.

Voter data was illegally transmitted to foreign countries and this led to the seizure of a server by the U.S. military at the offices of Scytl in Frankfurt, Germany. Public discontent reached a climax and finally erupted on November 14 in Washington, D.C., when the Washington D.C. Voters’ Association held a rally. Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to demand electoral transparency, and to support Trump’s re-election.

The use of high-tech voting systems to process voting results in the U.S. is not new. The DVS machines use software from Smartmatic which describes itself as the global leader in secure, accessible, transparent election technology. Once one of the top-ranked voting systems in the U.S., Smartmatic has a complex background and continues to generate controversy. In the 2020 U.S. election it has been exposed as a real threat to U.S. national security.

Founded in Venezuela in 1997 by a team of three engineers – Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola, and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of technology solutions for specific applications. The company’s niches are: electronic voting systems, smart city solutions (including public safety and public transportation), identity management systems for civil registration, and authentication products for government applications.

The company’s first U.S. entity was incorporated in Delaware in April 2000 and opened its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida with seven employees in November of that year. The 2000 U.S. presidential election was marred by “hanging and dimpled chads” on the Florida ballot cards. After controversy erupted over the miscounting of ballots, Smartmatic began to target the development of election voting systems.

In April 2003 in Caracas, Venezuela, Smartmatic officially unveiled its prototype for election automation. The testing of the prototype covered all the details of the process necessary for any type of election. During the tests, emphasis was placed on the system’s encryption capabilities, which are essential for the confidential storage and transmission of data, as well as the robustness of the software and hardware system’s components. The system passed all tests with no shortcomings, said a company spokesperson.

The voting system was developed entirely in-house by Smartmatic. That includes the integration of hardware and software systems from design stage to end-to-end deployment.

Such a complex, purpose-built technical solution would require a strong, system-wide R&D capability that would not have been possible in Venezuela without massive technical and financial support. Although Smartmatic established a U.S. presence in 2000, almost all of its products were developed in Venezuela, a country where capital is scarce and scientific research and manufacturing are not sophisticated.

Nevada’s Cegavske Gives Voter Info to Pakistan

UPDATE: Called Cegavske’s office, identified myself and who I work for and they refused to put me through to her or make a comment on her behalf, then hung up on me.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske “forwarded personally identifiable voter information to Kavtech, a private Pakistani-based business intelligence firm with close ties to the Pakistani intelligence services, ISI,” Col. Phil Waldron, a cyber- and political-warfare specialist, told One America News Network Christina Bobb, Monday, Dec. 28

ISI or the Inter-Services Intelligence is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, operationally responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world.

Kavteck Co-Founder Waqas Butt is cc’d on emails containing this personally identifiable voter information. The information disclosure was discovered by the organization, ‘True the Vote’ and forwarded to Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers.

One of Kvtech’s employees named Bilal Khan Nawabzada has direct ties to ISI.

Perhaps this is the group that needs $25M from the COVID relief bill for ‘gender issues?’

Spider-Bug, Pt. 1

Raymond laid beneath his open sleeping bag, cardboard box protecting him from the sidewalk. He was enjoying the effects of the drug he’d jus’ syringed into his veins.

As he spaced-out, headlights of the metal sculpture across the street suddenly blinked a vivid green. He understood it was an hallucination.

Then the sculpture stretched it’s long metal legs, squatted low to the ground and scurried around the corner of the auto shop, into the dark ally. Raymond pulled the bag over his head and nodded off.

He would neither recall the hallucination or the missing sculpture come the following morning.

Federal Government Funding Native American’s Illegal GOTV

Under the guise of nonprofit, nonpartisan get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaigns, Native American voter advocacy groups in Nevada handed out gift cards, electronics, clothing, and other items to voters in tribal areas, in many cases documenting the exchange of ballots for “prizes” on Facebook pages, sometimes even while wearing Joe Biden campaign gear.

Simply put, this is illegal. Offering voters anything of value in exchange for their vote is a violation of federal election law, and in some cases punishable by up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fines.

Funding for the Nevada Native Vote Projects (NNVP) appears to come from an umbrella group called Native Vote, an initiative of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI.) The organization get its funding from tribal groups, charitable foundations, and major corporations.

It also gets millions in funding from the federal government.

More than a half-dozen government ‘partners’ are listed on NCAI’s supporters page, including the Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, the Small Business Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others. In 2018, federal agencies provided a total of more than $3 million to NCAI, according to the group’s own disclosures.

In the past few years, NNVP and NCAI have partnered with the advocacy group Four Directions, jointly producing a voter guide in 2012 and co-hosting a first-ever presidential forum in 2019, focused on Native American issues.

In January 2020, Four Directions co-hosted their second presidential forum in Las Vegas. The donations for that forum, as well as Four Directions’ own website, went through ActBlue, a progressive online platform that raised $1.6 billion for Democrats in the 2018 midterms and has since become a fundraising tool for Black Lives Matter.

And it didn’t only happen in Nevada. There were similar efforts undertaken in Idaho, Arizona, Washington, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.

There are about 60,000 eligible Native American voters in Nevada who make up about three-percent of the state’s total voting population.

Voter Turn Out Up 152% in 23 Vegas Precincts

As Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske continues to claim there is no evidence of voter fraud in the state, at least 23 Las Vegas precincts and their percentage of voter turnout, show otherwise:

Precinct #1384–104.89% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #1644–150.00% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #1685–120.00% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #1711–149.19% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #2666–101.61% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #2673–102.50% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #2696–101.85% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #2703–120.00% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #2770–102.33% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3414–112.50% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3457–140.00% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3566–101.33% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3571–116.67% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3579–127.27% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3700–109.09% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3714–107.50% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #3740–105.05% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #6484–107.54% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #6486–112.34% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #6718–104.71% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #7543–150.00% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #7550–101.96% Voter Turn Out

Precinct #7595–102.03% Voter Turn Out


Beavers react to the sound of
Running water by building dams.
It is an urge so ingrained that
They’ll pile wood atop a speaker
Should it sounds like a stream.
That’s how I am with writing;
I constantly hear running water
As it pours through my soul
Filtered, pure and refreshing.

Persons of Color Misused in Election Deception

In March 2017, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in response to a lawsuit filed by the Las Vegas ACLU and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund to enforce the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) in Nevada.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the cooperative efforts that led to this Memorandum of Understanding,” she said in a statement. “In developing a system that will automatically transmit voter registration information from the Department of Motor Vehicles to county election officials, the parties have significantly improved Nevada’s voter registration process by adding additional efficiencies and safeguards.”

Under the MOU, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) had to accept all voter registrations, even from non-citizens and forward them to the county clerk or the registrar of voters, who would then send the applications to the Secretary of State’s (SoS) office. It would then be up to the SoS’s Office to determine if the application was legal.

The DMV made their role in the process clear in the following portion of this press release:

“When the DMV receives an application from a customer, it is then transmitted to the appropriate agency, most often a county clerk or registrar’s office, for processing. These locations serve under the Secretary of State’s Office as the officials responsible for determining eligibility and processing voter applications.”

Shortly after Cegavske announced the memo’s completion, Démos, a progressive think-tank headquartered in New York City, trumpeted the finalization in a statement that read, “The DMV shall provide the appropriate Clerk/Registrar all Voter Registration Applications returned by customers without regard to their completeness.”

However, according to the NVRA, the only reason the DMV or any pass-through-agency can refuse an application is the lack of a signature, which would render it as incomplete.

A Different Kind of Orb

It was his usual after-dinner walk. Joined by his dog, Chuck Malring weaved his way between the sage and creosote bushes.

Over the rise, he paused momentarily while the dog sniffed about. Near the base, he discovered thousands of leggy orbs.

‘Daddy Long Legs,” he smiled as the dog scurried away, tail tucked between its legs.

He knew they couldn’t hurt him as he recalled playing with them as a kid. He squatted hoping to touch one.

The sudden disturbance caused the things to stand as a single unit, making Chuck Malring wish he’d followed his dog down the trail.

Nevada’s SoS has History of Avoiding Investigations

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske continues her refusal to investigate any form of possible voter fraud and she began before the 2020 elections were even held.

Nevada Assemblyman Cameron Miller, a Democrat, claimed to live at the address he listed on the formal election paperwork he swore was truthful. Now its come to light that Miller has been living at his parents’ house.

At the time of this discovery, his opponent and former police officer Tony Palmer, filed a formal complaint in October 2020, pointing to Miller’s perjury. Cegasvke’s office however claimed their authority to challenge the qualifications for a candidate expired along with their authority to investigate.

However, the statute of limitation is three-years for such an offense.

Also in October 2020, Las Vegas Metro Police raided the home of Democrat Assemblyman Alexander Assefa. Along with learning that he didn’t live where he claimed when signing reelection papers, he’s also under investigation for misusing campaign funds.

The God of Gifts

“I really want that old car we saw,” he said.

“Your new device isn’t enough?” she asked.

“I want something that I can tinker on,” he said.

Next morning as he backed from the garage, he saw a large black car, under a red bow, parked across the driveway. The passenger door stood invitingly open.

Wondering how she’d done it, he leaned in the open door.

The ribbon wrapped around his mouth and the bench seat collapsed over his body, sucking him into the car before it quietly drove from the neighborhood. It wouldn’t need to feed again for days.

My Cousin Elmo says, “You know we’re in trouble when science is searching the galaxy for intelligent life everywhere but Earth.”

The Thing in the Corner

During a recent tour of Donovan Mill in Gold Hill, Nevada for a newspaper article on the historic mineral processing plant, I heard a disembodied voice say, “Hello!”  While there, I took about one hundred photographs of the place.

In this one frame, jus’ beyond the large cyanide vats on the second floor, I captured this image. It is tucked back in a dark corner and can only truly be seen when enhanced from color to black and white and by playing with the contrast.

What the hell is it?

A case of pareidolia?

Paranormal entity?

What do you think?


The lead vessel ‘Dragon ’ dropped from hyper-drive and hovered outside of the thick radiation belt. Navigating the belt would leave the one thousand ship armada visible for a few minutes, but that was the chance that had to be taken if their objective were to be obtained.

It had been a difficult time on earth as a pandemic had swept the planet. Now the people stood and watched with hope as the glittering light of the Star of Bethlehem came into view for the first time in many years.

If a reptile could smile, the Commodore would have been beaming.

The Real Losers in Nevada’s Voting Fraud

The Trump campaign may have lost its Nevada court case, but questions about Nevada’s election system remain unanswered.

The Trump campaign “never once presented sufficient evidence of widespread fraud,” Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford tweeted. “Yes, they spouted nonsense in the media. But they never backed it up in court.”

Ford and other government officials need to find out what happened, not jump to conclusions based on a preferred political outcome. This, after all, this no longer about Trump, but the integrity of Nevada’s election system.

However, Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles did produced a list of “non-U.S. citizens who obtained identifications,” according to a Trump campaign filing. The campaign then cross-referenced that list with the voter rolls and identified 3,987 non-U.S. citizens who voted.

Nevada has automatic voter registration, which can register non-citizens who receive driver’s licenses. In 2018, the California DMV announced that it improperly registered around 1,500 non-citizens to vote.

The court didn’t accept this list because of a timing issue.

The evidence of double, dead and out-of-state voters also deserves similar consideration. One such piece of evidence and again failed to make the cut is the Supplemental to Declaration of Jesse Kamzol, dated Dec. 2, 2020:

  • 6,360 positive matches were made from within the DMV to the Voter File.
  • 6,136 (96.5%) of those matched voter registration records have voter registration records that are ‘Active.’
  • 3,987 (62.7 %) of those matched voter registration records voted/cast ballots that appear to have been counted, meaning, they are not shown as being provisional or rejected mail ballots per data collected from the Secretary of State (SoS) Barbara Cegavske and/or County Elections Divisions.
  • 4,546 (71.5%) of those matched voter registration records have appeared to have attempted to vote, including provisional votes and rejected mail ballots per data collected from the SoS and/or County Elections Divisions.

Read Kamzol’s entire declaration at Supplement-to-Declaration-of-Jesse-Kamzol.pdf (

The campaign also based the claim on database comparisons. Its expert said his analysis had a less than five percent margin of error.

And while District Court Judge James T. Russell refused the DMV list, he did rely on Michael Herron, an elections expert for the state. Herron looked at Nevada election statistics from the 2012 election through the 2020 primary and concluded, “the illegal vote rate totaled at most only 0.00054 percent,” according to the ruling.

To reach that number, he examined reported cases of election fraud, then examined voter fraud literature from across the U.S. and concluded the Trump campaign’s allegations were highly unlikely.

The battle over vote counts did not end with the Trump campaign’s court loss.

Clark County, Nevada Registrar Joe Gloria found another 15 votes for Ross Miller, a Democrat, in the race for Clark County Commissioner District C. Those votes were all in favor of Miller, while his opponent, Republican Stavros Anthony received nothing.

On Friday, Dec. 11, officials with the Clark County Election Department said Miller had defeated Anthony by a total of 30 votes, up from the previous margin of 10 votes. But an email in court documents filed the same day shows the difference was actually 15 votes.

“We have finished our review of the recount and were able to identify the issue we shared with you on Friday,” the email to the campaigns from Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria said. “They were in fact duplicate batches of ballots that were read into the system. With assistance from our vendor we were able to identify the batches and have them removed.”

Stavros Anthony’s said in a statement “District C election is a disaster. I’m up by 2700 Election Day. Weeks later down 10 with 139 discrepancies. Election director cannot determine a winner. Clark County Commission orders a special election. Political pressure forces certification. Now 74 new ballots in a recount.”

Gloria eventually admitted to the Clark County Commission in November that with ‘139 discrepancies’ he couldn’t declare a winner. The Commission had been debating where or not to order a run-off when the ballots found.

As for the Clark County Election Department, where them majority of the alleged fraud took place, it doesn’t have anyone to investigate fraud. Instead, it refers all concerns to the secretary of state’s office, which has one part-time investigator for these issues.

At this time, the recount vote totals for Clark County Commissioner District C are Ross Miller, 76,592 and Stavros Anthony with 76,577. The Commission has certified the election win of Miller, despite the lingering questions of integrity.

In the end, it’s the citizens of Nevada who lose when election fraud is noted but ignored.

Joe the Ghost

We had jus’ stepped out of the southeast corner of the main building, which was still under reconstruction. The woman volunteer was explaining how, the walls had buckled and the grizzly, which is used to separate different grades of ore, had been left dangling precariously in the air.

Next to me was a man, another volunteer who was helping fill-in missing details about the retrieval of the three-thousand pound piece of equipment. He had joined us as we walked from the front of Gold Hill, Nevada’s historic Donovan Mill to where we now stood.

Behind me came a deep, friendly voice, “Hello!”

Thinking we’d been joined by someone else, I turned only to find no one there. The man next to me chuckled.

“Heard him, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered, surprised that he was so forthcoming about hearing a disembodied voice.

“We call’em ‘Joe the Ghost.’”

The woman sighed, “I’ve never heard him,” her face filled with disappointment.

Nevada Tribes Buy Votes

Few things are more direct than offering people the chance to win Visa gift cards for voting and it’s not a widely used strategy, because federal law, 18 USC 597 to be exact, prohibits offering or making “an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote.”

“Whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate; and Whoever solicits, accepts, or receives any such expenditure in consideration of his vote or the withholding of his vote, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both,” the law reads.

But this didn’t stop the Nevada Native Vote Project, though which claimed on its Facebook page that it organizes and mobilizes “tribal voters through direct advocacy,” and in the meantime conducted raffles and giveaways in 15 Nevada native communities, with 116 voters receiving $6,650 in cash prizes.

“After voting, voters can enter our raffle, prizes include Visa gift cards and native beadwork,” a post addressed to the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony (RSIC) said. The grand prize was a $500 gift card while four $250 gift cards, four $100 gift cards and eight $25 gift cards were also awarded.

“If you come here to vote or if you voted already, RSIC is having a raffle,” said RSIC spokeswoman Bethany Sam in one of the projects many videos.

In the same video, she is shown wearing a Biden-Harris anti-virus mask and in front of the Biden-Harris campaign bus.

There were also $50 Visa gift cards offered as raffle prizes to the Pyramid Lake Tribal Community, the Elko Indian Colony, the Moapa Band of Paiute, the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, and the Lovelock Paiute Tribe.

After the election, the Nevada Native Vote Project featured the “winners” of its Visa gift card raffles.

“Thank you for voting!” the photo said at the bottom, adding “Congratulations to all of the first-time voters and veteran voters,” another post announcing the Lovelock raffle winners said.

At least two locations offered gas cards for voting, which is acceptable under federal law but only if the gas cards are used for transportation to the polls. A now-deleted post from Election Day showed a picture of a ballot return envelope appearing to change hands and two men posing with gas cards.

“McDermitt and Owyhee voters dropping off their ballots and picking up their gas cards,” it read.

The Nevada Indian Commission, a state agency, even promoted this scheme. On its Facebook page, the commission shared at least six of the posts from the Nevada Native Vote offering gift cards by way of raffle or giveaway for votes.

To top this off, the Nevada Indian Commission also held its own giveaway. It offered three Native art prizes to voters.

Perhaps Nicholas Trutanich, who serves as the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Nevada should investigate this and bring charges where appropriate. But it has to happen soon-than-later because it’s doubtful a Biden administration will be interested in investigating its own election fraud.

But then again much of the evidence spoken of here was presented to District Court Judge James Russell in Carson City as the Trump campaign attempted to get the courts to look into voter fraud, but he couldn’t be bothered to take justice into consideration, only the law.

“Contestants did not prove…that illegal votes were cast and counted that should have been rejected during the signature verification process, or legal votes were not counted that should have been accepted” in numbers that would have swayed the outcome, Russell claimed.

And more recently, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske sent out a press release stating she, “saw no wide-spread voter fraud,” which is exactly what happens when you don’t take the time to look.

Imaginary Nevada: December 22, 1920

It was a quiet morning as Brady sat by the campfire, nursing a cup of hot coffee with a touch of whiskey in it, and cooking a thick piece of bacon. It was around the same time that he heard a curious sound from behind, so he turned to look.

Of all the sights he had witnessed over the year 1920, in and around Beowawe, never before had he seen St. Nick seated cross-legged on a old Mormon hand-cart being pulled along by four pair of jackalope. Brady was truly amazed at how well the cart moved over the sandy loam.

Nick waved to him, bidding him a good day in fine and proper German or perhaps was it in Turkish, Brady wasn’t sure. Either way, he returned his greeting in English, tipping his cowboy hat, and watching as the jolly old elf and his long-eared, antlered team disappeared into the high desert morn.

“Damn it, I burned the bacon again,” he complained.

My Cousin Elmo says, “Sky watchers beware as Pluto will be in direct alignment with Uranus, so avoid bending over near strange dogs.”


The black rotary telephone rang and Agnes picked it up, “Hello?”

On the other end was a female in hysterics. She was screaming something about “get him to the hospital now, before he dies.”

Then the line went dead.

“Who was that?” her husband, Bill asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “But she sounded really panicked. I think I should call the police and see if they might be able to find her.”

“It could also be a prank call,” he said. “But you do what you think is best.”

After half-an-hour with the police, a report filed, but no answers, it was nearly dinner time. Bill offered to take Agnes to her favorite restaurant and she accepted.

“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that fish,” Bill said, as he drove them home. “I’ve got a nasty stomach ache.”

“Well, when we get home, we’ll get you straight to bed,” Agnes said.

“Okay,” he agreed.

It was around three in the morning when the phone rang again. The wife answered it and listened as a woman, angry now, asked through gritted teeth, “You didn’t take him to the hospital like I told you, did you?”

“Who is this?” Agnes asked.

“What? You don’t recognize your own voice?” the female growled in disgust before the line went dead.

Agnes hung up the phone and reached over to the still sleeping Bill. He was cold to the touch, stiff and lividity had already begun to set in.

Whose Still Here

Sonny figured that with a pandemic sweeping the world, he’d lock himself away in his home and do nothing but eat, drink and write. After all, he was a world-renown author and he’d always longed to do exactly that.

But that was over 270 days ago and no one had seen him since. Finally, a friend urged the cops to make a ‘welfare check,’ and after several minutes of knocking, the front door was breached.

They found Sonny sitting in his chair, in front of an unplugged computer. He had a face mask on with another three shoved down his throat.

On the walls of his office, written at least a thousand times in black ink and in a beautiful, cursive penmanship, were the words: “Whose still here…”

Scrawled in a jagged childlike print, using red crayon, was the single answer: “Shush, child. We never left.”

Nevada is the Deep State

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegasvke, was the keynote speaker, via Zoom, Thursday, Dec. 17, at the Spring Mountain Republican Women’s Luncheon, in Las Vegas, where she was asked about voter fraud and the Dominion election systems.

Cegasvke, a Republican, said that she has not seen any evidence of voter fraud, claiming neither the NV GOP nor the Trump campaign have reached out to her with any evidence of voter fraud. However less than two weeks ago, in the Carson City Court House, down the street from her office, the Trump campaign submitted twenty books of evidence including the names and addresses of:

  • 42,000 people who voted twice
  • 4,000 illegal aliens who voted
  • 1500 dead people
  • 19,000 people who do not live in Nevada
  • 15,000 voters registered in a commercial or vacant lot

But she didn’t bother to attend.

Cegasvke told the women’s group that her “office has seven criminal investigators and if anyone brings me evidence of a crime we will investigate it.”

She then said she didn’t have the authority to investigate Joe Gloria nor any voter fraud in Clark County. Cegasvke went further on to claim that Dominion Software is a great system and that all the stories about Dominion are fake news.

Jesse Law, one of several Trump Electors that sued Nevada to overturn the election results, called Cegasvke a liar stating his team “sent her numerous documents and requests to investigate voter fraud in Nevada. In fact she was named in one the lawsuits by the Trump Campaign and State GOP. So for her to claim she’s never received evidence of voter fraud is a lie.”

The Media is the REAL Virus

Here’s the lede for a news article from a Southern Nevada television station showing the absolute ignorance of our media regarding the U.S. Constitution, Nevada law and the electoral college:

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)Hours after Nevada’s six electors cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden through the official state process, the Nevada Republican Party’s six electors signed paperwork signaling their support for President Donald Trump in a symbolic ceremony devoid of any legal merit.

This ignorance is encapsulated in the phrase, ‘devoid of any legal merit.’

In yet another article, this one from Mediaite and posted to MSM, it’s postulated that, “GOP Electors in Swing States Absurdly Cosplay Like Their Protest Votes for Trump Matter

They go on: “Republican slates of electors in a number of key swing states went through the motions of pretending their endorsement of President Donald Trump will matter, even though President-elect Joe Biden won their states and the official electors all voted for him on Monday.”

Really?! Here’s the truth, though it may be inconvenient to the national and local medias…

First, from Nevada Revised Statue (NRS) 298.035: Selection of nominees and alternates for presidential elector.

1.  Each major political party shall, at the state convention of the major political party held in that year, select from the qualified electors who are legally registered members of the major political party: (a) A nominee to the position of presidential elector; and (b) An alternate to the nominee for presidential elector, for each position of presidential elector required by law.

2.  Each minor political party shall choose from the qualified electors who are legally registered members of the minor political party:

(a) A nominee to the position of presidential elector; and (b) An alternate to the nominee for presidential elector, for each position of presidential elector required by law. The person who is authorized to file the list of candidates for partisan office of the minor political party with the Secretary of State pursuant to NRS 293.1725 shall, not later than the last Tuesday in August, submit to the Secretary of State the list of nominees for presidential elector and alternates.

3.  Each independent candidate nominated for the office of President pursuant to NRS 298.109 shall, at the time of filing the petition as required pursuant to subsection 1 of NRS 298.109, or within 10 days thereafter, choose from the qualified electors: (a) A nominee to the position of presidential elector; and (b) An alternate to the nominee for presidential elector, for each position of presidential elector required by law.

Now the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Clause 2:

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Here’s the take away:

  1. The electoral college votes will not be certified until Jan. 6, 2021.

  2. In all ‘swing’ states, alternate electoral delegates met to vote on the same day as the appointed delegates.

  3. The alternate delegates votes will be used in the case Congress finds fraud in the election outcome.

  4. Should a state find election fraud before the certification date, that states legislature can recall the appointed delegates and vote to recast the appropriate slate of delegates.

  5. The state’s legislature has the legal right to call themselves back into session without the consent of the governor, a judicial order, or without having to sue their executive branch to meet.

  6. The state’s constitution cannot over ride the U.S. Constitution as stated in the supremacy clause:

Article VI, Clause 2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

Finally, went attempting to notify either so-called journalist of their mistake, it was discovered that both the comments and email links had been removed.

Media is the Poisonous Tree

The fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic is that if the source (the “tree”) of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything gained (the “fruit”) from it is tainted as well.

From the media over the past five years:

Putin helped Trump rig the voting machines in 2016. Don Jr. obtained stolen Wikileaks material prior to public release. The Trump dossier. Trump suffering from mental illness. Russia hacked U.S. power grid. CIA forced to remove agent from Moscow office because Trump could not be trusted with sensitive information. Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to federal investigators. Don Jr. met with a Russian spy. Trump aides had regular contact with Russian agents. Robert Mueller had issued a subpoena to Deutsch Bank regarding the president. Mike Flynn setup. Trump removed the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s bust from the Oval Office. Blue Wave. Trump can not produce vaccine in 2020. Two-state solution had to predate Middle East peace. Russia hacked SolarWinds.

Also from the media:

“Nothing to see here.” “This story has been discredited.” “It’s all Russian disinformation,” “Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people …”, “Missing Context.” “What flavor ice cream did you order today?” “Whatever. The good news is at least Trump will be gone.”

Media: Soros Money is Fake News

George Soros gave $530k to State Victory Action.

State Victory Action then gives $100K to Nevada Conservation League Political Action Committee.

Nevada Conservation League Political Action Committee made numerous donations to Democrats.

Those funds were also spent on other candidates and political activities.

And the Cheat Goes On

UPDATE: A Clark County judge has denied a lawsuit seeking a new election for a contentious and narrowly decided Clark County Commission seat sought by Republican Stavros Anthony in his narrow to Democrat Ross Miller. Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez denied the motion in a brief order on Thursday, writing that she could not apply a state law allowing for new elections owing to the loss or destruction of ballots in this case because “the election was not prevented.” No one is able to explain that comment and the judge ain’t talking.

Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony isn’t giving up his quest to be seated on the Clark County Commission.

Anthony’s attorney, Jacob Reynolds of Hutchison Steffen, called in during the commission’s public Dec. 15 comment segment to suggest the commission order the new election it has already rejected once in the race for District C. Reynolds also told the commission that his client is “seeking a Writ of Mandamus from the Supreme Court” and having a “hearing Friday in chambers with Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez.”

A recount request by Anthony’s campaign resulted in Anthony’s opponent, Ross Miller, adding to his slim margin of victory. The week long affair added six votes to Miller’s total and one vote to Anthony, widening Miller’s margin of victory from ten to 15. But remember, those numbers are fluid and subject to change at anytime and depending which way the wind is blowing.

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria told county commissioners in November that he could not verify the results of the race, given the slim margin and some ‘139 discrepancies.”

The commission eventually voted to certify the race, despite those discrepancies.

Biden Knew Oligarch was Corrupt

In the first documents of their kind showing that the Obama U.S. Justice Department played a role in the 2014 asset forfeiture brought against a Ukrainian oligarch in the United Kingdom bout the time Hunter Biden was hired on Burisma’s board, the newly released diplomatic emails also show that Vice President Joe Biden’s office was warned that Mikola Zlochevsky was corrupt.

Geoffrey Pyatt, then-U.S. ambassador in Kiev, warned Biden’s advisers about the illegal activities of Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings. The advisory came shortly before Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine in December 2015, where he admitted strong-arming that government to get rid of a certain prosecutor.

“I assume all have the DoJ background on Zlochevsky,” said the 2015 email from Pyatt.

The email detailed how the U.S. and the UK were cooperating on a case to seize Zlochevsky overseas assets, which had passed through the U.S. The emails also indicated the forfeiture wasn’t completed because individuals in the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office “acted to thwart the UK case.”

By the time Pyatt had written the email, one of his deputies, George Kent, had already alerted the FBI that State officials believed Ukrainian prosecutors had been paid a $7 million bribe to thwart the asset forfeiture case. Kent recounted his efforts in an email to a fellow ambassador a year later.

Pyatt’s message, dated Dec. 6, 2015, went to Kate Bedingfield, who then was Biden’s communications chief. Bedingfield has been chosen as the White House communications chief when Biden assumes the presidency Jan. 20.

Pyatt’s successor, Marie Yovanovitch, told state department officials that U.S. Embassy believed Burisma paid another bribe to get Ukrainian prosecutors to drop remaining cases against the company. Both she and Kent have testified to the Senate that Burisma’s hiring of Hunter Biden’s created an apparent conflict of interest that undermined U.S. efforts to fight corruption in Ukraine.

Kent testified how in 2016 he had to block an effort by Burisma to try to participate in a USAID clean energy project in Ukraine because of the corruption concerns. His emails also show that he twice reported that Burisma was suspected of paying bribes and that the Biden’s dealings were making things difficult for U.S. diplomats in Kiev.

Kent also testified how in 2016 he had to block an effort by Burisma to try to participate in a USAID clean energy project in Ukraine because of the corruption concerns. His emails also show that he twice reported that Burisma was suspected of paying bribes and that the Biden’s dealings were interfering with the investigation.

Pyatt was recently deposed by investigators for the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee about the Ukraine controversy. Though his staff had reported an alleged Burisma bribe and believed the Biden’s conduct in Ukraine created an apparent conflict, Pyatt said he never felt compelled to raise such concerns with the vice president.

“So you never gave thought of raising a concern to the Vice President about this board position his son had?” a Senate investigator asked Pyatt during the deposition back in September.

“No,” the ambassador answered. “He’s the Vice President of the United States, and it would have been wildly out of place for me to raise something like that, especially insofar as it had zero impact on the work that I was doing.”

Pyatt had previously given a speech in 2015 in which he personally called out Ukrainian prosecutors for thwarting the UK asset forfeiture case against Zlochevsky. His December 2015 email was in response to talking points Biden’s staff had created in which they suggested the vice president avoid talking about Hunter Biden’s board position or singling out the oligarch.

“Have you asked Hunter to step down from the board? Has he discussed that with you?” the talking points asked.

“I’m not going to discuss private conversations with my family. Hunter is a private citizen and does independent work,” the memo recommended the vice president answer.

If pressed by a question asking whether Joe Biden thought “Zlochevsky is corrupt,” the talking points suggested the vice president respond, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals.”

Other state officials have testified to the Senate recently that they believed Hunter Biden’s hiring as a Burisma board member around the same time Joe Biden took over U.S.-Ukraine policy created a conflict of interest that undercut U.S. efforts to fight corruption in the former Soviet republic.

Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board shortly after President Barack Obama put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine policy. The younger Biden received $83,000 a month, a total of about $3.1 million, for his service in an industry in which he had no experience.

Nevada’s White Pine County Takes the Bull by the Horns

Nevada’s White Pine County Commission passed Resolution 2020-76 on Dec. 9, declaring their own “Economic Emergency” under Nevada Revised Statute NRS 414, voiding Governor Steve Sisolak’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ emergency orders. Nevada currently has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation, 12 percent. Only Hawaii is worse, at 14.3 percent.

White Pine, on the other hand, has the second lowest unemployment figure in the state at 3.60 percent, and they’d like to keep it that way.

“That due to the additional risk of exposure to COVID-19 caused by routinely visiting noncompliant businesses in more densely-populated parts of the State, government officials and agents from agencies outside White Pine County shall, with the exception of routine health and safety inspections authorized by Title 40 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, be required to quarantine for 14 days prior to conducting official business within businesses in White Pine County. Failure to follow local regulations may result in local prosecution.”

The County Commission went even further, establishing a fund of $50,000 to reimburse any business fined by State Agencies.

“That in an effort to combat economic damage resulting from enforcement of the Governor’s ‘emergency directives,’ the Board of County Commissioners hereby establishes an ‘Economic Relief Fund’ for business who have incurred Governor-emergency-directive-related expenses in the form of fines, penalties, or legal fees. The Fund shall be created from the County’s General Fund in the amount of $50,000.″

The Governor’s office has not commented.

Buildings Before Ballots

Nevada precinct workers will not ask to see a voter’s ID. In fact, by law, they’ can’t.

This is from the days when Democrats and then-Nevada Senator Harry Reid accused Republicans of racism, all because they wanted to require everyone to show their IDs before voting. But here’s a funny, little fact about Reid: if you want to visit his office in the Federal Courthouse Building in Las Vegas, you must show a government issued picture ID.

Reid’s office was asked if requiring an ID to visit the former senator’s office was racist – they said, “No, it’s for security purposes.”

Communist China Party Members Outed

A listing of a quarter-million Communist Chinese Party members has been made available by the dissident group, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. Of those 250,000 names, allegedly 52,000 are Americans, 35,000 Australians, 10,000 Indian, 9,700 British, 5,000 Canadians, 2,100 Indonesians, 1,400 Malaysia, 793 New Zealanders and 138 Papua New Guinea.

So far, these are the Anglo-names found and all are prominent Australians:

Millionaires Mike Cannon-Brookes, Scott Farquhar, David Gonski, Jennifer Westacott, Victorian Supreme Court Judge Anthony Cavanough, retired Navy Admiral and former Lockheed Martin chief executive Raydon Gates, former ambassador to China Geoff Raby, ex-Tasmanian Premier Tony Rundle, former foreign minister Bob Carr, singer Natalie Imbruglia, One Nation co-founder David Oldfield, National Party President Larry Anthony, former treasurer Peter Costello’s son Sebastian, ex-Labor MP Emma Husar, News Corp journalist Ellen Whinnett, ABC director Georgie Somerset, self-proclaimed sheikh Junaid Thorne, accountant and fraudster Robert Andrew Kirsopp and deceased ex-TEAC boss Gavin Muir.

Here’s a partial list of infiltrated companies:

Boeing, Volkswagen, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, ANZ Bank, HSBC Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Airbus, French defense contractor Thales, Standard Chartered, Jaguar Land Rover, Cosco, KPMG, Ernst & Young, GlaxoSmithKline, Citibank, QualComm, BNP Paribas, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Ikea, Mercedes-Benz, and Bank of America.

Don’t be surprised if the names of a couple of prominent Nevadan’s turn up on the list when it hits the Internet.

The Travesty that is Our Local Media Coverage

“Tensions were high Saturday in downtown Carson City in front of the Nevada Legislature building as a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally attracted both a group of people affiliated with the Proud Boys, as well as an armed militia,” writes someone calling themselves ‘Admin’ (which the same as saying ‘an unnamed source,) for

This is what passes for media in Northern Nevada and it is shameful. Here’s more of the dishonesty:

“The Proud Boys describe themselves as “western chauvinists.” Others, including the FBI, have classified them as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.

The group in downtown Saturday continuously threw up White Power hand signs at passing traffic throughout the day, as well as held up White Power hand signs while posing with Trump supporters.

The White Power hand signs in question are a more recent gesture of white supremacy. By holding the “Okay” sign, with the forefinger and thumb making a circle and the middle, ring and pinkie finger held straight, the hand signal indicates ‘White Power’ with the three fingers making a ‘W’ and the circle being the top of the ‘P.’”

So, it is now evident, according to this so-called news report, former President Barack Obama is a ‘Proud Boy,’ as the internet is full of images of him (not to mention others in The Democratic party) displaying this sign openly. This is, of course a bit of sarcasm, as the so-called hand gesture is nothing more than a quick way of displaying that things are ‘OK.’

This is so ignorant a claim that CarsonNow doesn’t even bother to report that one of the co-founders of ‘The Proud Boys’ is of Cuban-American named Henry ‘Enrique’ Tarrio, who clearly is not ‘White.’ One of the rules of news reporting, a simple one at that, is to know who and what you are talking about.

In the end, the take away from the article is that there was no violence and despite of the presence of ‘armed militia,’ which is legal due to Nevada’s open carry law, no violence was perpetrated on a single bystander, participant or law enforcement member.

As for you ‘Admin,’ you are dishonest, a coward and show yourself to be a propagandist for the Associated Press and its ilk, hiding behind a title that subjects the entire staff of this electronic newspaper to being questionable in their honesty, integrity and ethics. Perhaps you ought to stick to reporting traffic accidents and COVID-19 figures.

Seeking Martha McKay

Her name was Martha McKay. She died March 25, 2020.

Murdered at Snowden House, Horse Shoe Lake, Hughes, Arkansas. Her killer also murdered her mother and cousin, 23-years previously.

Martha renovated an 1861 home in Virginia City, Nevada. She left the Comstock in 2004 and I’m trying to learn which historic home she saved.

So far, my money is on the Savage House.

American Think

What did Americans think after declaring independence, fighting a war, creating a new Constitutional Republic only to be thrust into a new war less than twenty years later with the same Government and our own people?

What did Americans think during three terms of FDR, that was real long term socialism in America and where suicide sky rocketed, businesses were lost and lives destroyed?

What did Americans think when over 120-thousand American men, women, and children were thrown in internment camps for years during WWII?

While many thought a lot of different stuff, they didn’t think it was all over.

Nevada Election Breakdown

Former Vice-president Joe Biden is reported to have claimed victory in Nevada with more than 33,000 votes over President Trump. Biden, according to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, had a total of 703,486 votes statewide, while Trump had only 669, 890.

However, considering the underreported targeted voter fraud, as attested to through hundreds of signed affidavits, and confined mostly to Clark County, the actual vote count for Biden is a negative number. Dead voters: 1,500; changed addresses: 2,500; vacant addresses: 6,000; non-existent addresses: 8,000; vacant commercial addresses: 15,000; out of state addresses: 20,000; double voting: 42,000.

So, let’s do the math — 703,486 (Biden) minus 669,890 (Trump) equals 33,596 (difference,) minus negative-62,000 (fraudulent,) equals 28,404 (difference.)

My Cousin Elmo says, “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is married to a Chinese woman named Priscilla Chan. The more you know, the more you’ll be censored.”

The Hunt Continues

The supreme Court may have failed in its duty to hold accountable the various states believed to have been involved in targeted voter fraud, but I refuse to stand down. Instead, as I find it, I will expose the criminal malcontents throughout Nevada, naming names and making every fact uncovered, a matter of public record.

In Nevada, legal and illegal non-citizens can hold driver’s licenses and identification cards. With this in mind, one of the changes Democrats passed in the 2019 legislative session was the mandate for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to automatically register everyone 18-years or older and who apply for drivers licenses to register to vote.

From the DMV’s own public records, a list of green card holders and non citizens who had obtained driver’s licenses was searched. When comparing this information against state voter records throughout Nevada, it has been discovered that 6,260 non citizens were registered to vote, with3,987 non-citizens having voted.

There is much more to this, but here’s the breakdown so far as testified to in the Supplemental to Declaration of Jesse Kamzol, dated Dec. 2, 2020:

  • 6,360 positive matches were made from within the DMV to the Voter File.
  • 6,136 (96.5%) of those matched voter registration records have voter registration records that are ‘Active.’
  • 3,987 (62.7 %) of those matched voter registration records voted/cast ballots that appear to have been counted, meaning, they are not shown as being provisional or rejected mail ballots per data collected from the Secretary of State (SoS) Barbara Cegavske and/or County Elections Divisions.
  • 4,546 (71.5%) of those matched voter registration records have appeared to have attempted to vote, including provisional votes and rejected mail ballots per data collected from the SoS and/or County Elections Divisions.

Here’s Kamzol’s complete declaration.

This evidence was uncovered without the help of Nevada Attorney General Ford, a Democrat, who said he would investigate and prosecute voter fraud. Yet, we have evidence of non-citizens receiving and casting ballots while Ford continues the narrative that there was no fraud.

Where Hope Lays

Dred Scott v. Stanford
Buck v. Bell
Korematsu v. the U.S.
NFIB v. Sebelius
Brueswitz v. Wyeth
Kelo v. City of New London
Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker
Texas v. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Last night I was absolutely distraught, discouraged, and depressed over the clearly errant and unconstitutional opinion rendered by the supreme Court. I like so many people felt shocked by this most recent decision and we seemed to “lose all hope” in the future.

After sitting about feeling as if it were the end of this Nation as I know it, it occurred to me that I should not be placing all my hope in the sCOTUS to do the “right thing.” That’s like spitting into the wind.

History does not support placing any hope in sCOTUS and only an ignorance of history allows people to believe that political body is one of impeccable integrity. As the teen down the street is so fond of saying, “They ain’t nothing.”

That said, here are some American Revolutionary War Facts that I think we must remember…

It was 15 years after the first real battle (1761) against the illegal acts of the British Government before we officially declared Independence in 1776.

It would be seven years before the battles ended and the British signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Additionally, we would fight the British after that treaty almost continually until the end of the War of 1812 so tack on another 32 years of unrest and conflict.

It wasn’t “1000 farmers” who “defeated the entire British Army” as often reported. That’s impossible considering 6,800 Americans were killed in action, 6,100 wounded, and upwards of 20,000 were taken prisoner.

Historians believe that at least an additional 17,000 deaths were the result of disease, including about 8,000–12,000 who died while prisoners of war. And let’s not forget those civilians killed during the endless raids of cities, towns, and villages.

It was not only Americans who fought for our Independence. We would have never succeeded if it had not been for the aid of France, Spain, and the Netherlands, with France giving us the most aid and Spain helping us to secure the mouth of the Mississippi for provisions.

America spent an equivalent of $2.8 Billion in today’s money to wage the War. Most of that came from foreign aid.

So, given all these facts it is undeniably a miracle that our battle for independence was successful given the power of the British Kingdom and their allies at the time. So don’t give up hope and never surrender your dream of Liberty.

Nevada Sex Worker Opens GoFundMe Account

Following up on a news story, reported here about license sex worker, Alice Little and her uphill battle to regain the right to work from a legal brothel in Nevada, she has opened a GoFundMe campaign called, “Legal Defense Fund for Nevada Brothels” to help raise money in her ongoing lawsuit against Nevada’s governor for his refusal to reopen brothels amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With her legal costs soaring, Alice Little, who works at Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, one of eight Nevada counties that allow for legalized prostitution and is home to four brothels, has turned to the online fundraising platform in her ongoing legal battle.

To date, Little’s lawsuit has been entirely self-funded, but after eight months of underemployment and financial hardship caused by the brothel closures and Nevada’s depressed COVID economy, Little is seeking assistance with her ever-increasing legal fees as she continues her fight.

“Since the brothels closed, sex workers have been financially devastated,” said Little. “We’ve been scrambling to make ends meet.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak shut down the state’s legal bordellos in March because of COVID-19, denying individuals such as Little to earn an honest wage. The outspoken Little claims in her lawsuit that the governor’s “arbitrary and capricious” decision to keep legal brothels closed is in violation of her rights.

The governor has yet to reopen the state’s legal brothels, even though other close-contact businesses such as massage parlors, spas and salons have been given the green light. Little wants the governor to immediately reopen Nevada’s legal brothels or allow sex workers to lawfully work from home.

On Nov. 19, the court ordered the Office of the Nevada Attorney General to respond to Little’s legal action within 30 days.

“Some sex workers, including me, have pivoted to making some money through adult online platforms like OnlyFans, which commonly isn’t as lucrative as legal brothel work,” Little said. “Other sex workers have had no choice but to practice prostitution illegally in Las Vegas and Reno, where prostitution is criminalized, without the safety and health measures the legal brothels provide. It’s really a disaster.”

“I’ve already spent a considerable amount of my personal savings on this lawsuit,” she added. “After speaking with other unemployed brothel workers, I was encouraged to start a GoFundMe to help with our ‘David versus Goliath’ legal battle against the governor.”

“So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive as fellow sex workers, sex worker clients and other generous individuals have started to donate,” said Little. “It’s extremely heartwarming and inspiring to know that Nevada’s sex workers have support in these uncertain times.”

Marc Randazza, Little’s attorney, said that government leaders are using the pandemic as an excuse to keep these businesses closed.

“There are constitutional rights at stake. Our democratically elected leaders are acting in undemocratic ways,” Randazza said.

According to the lawsuit, the closure of the brothels violates constitutional rights:

  • The freedom of association, which protects an individual’s right to enter into and maintain an intimate relationship from unjustified government interference
  • The right to earn a living, which protects individual rights to earn a living through their chosen career from unjustified government interference
  • The right to equal protection. The lawsuit claims that Sisolak arbitrarily prohibited Little from working in the legal sex industry when other businesses that involve direct contact with clients are allowed to open.

Sisolak’s office declined to comment. Little’s GoFundMe page can be found at

Harry’s China-connection Becomes Clearer

First there was Senator Dianne Feinstein and her Chinese spy/chauffeur in 2018. Then earlier in 2020, we learned about former-Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party.

Then last week it was discovered that Congressmen Eric Stalwell had literally been in bed with the Chinese spy ring. Could it be that all this will open a new can-of-worms and come back to bite one retired Nevada senator in the ass?

One can only pray…

It’s been six-years now since the peaceable standoff at the Bundy Ranch near Las Vegas. And while the dust has yet to fully settle on the piece of property and the history leading up to, through and after the unconstitutional attempt of land grabbing and civil rights take over, one thing has become clearer: Harry Reid and his son, Rory, were both deeply involved in a deal with the Chinese-owned ENN Energy Group to build a $5 billion solar farm in Laughlin, Nevada, and they must be investigated for espionage and treason.

In fact, I first pointed to this collaboration in 2012, writing here: Less than two years later, I followed it up with this article: Reid was also involved in the Chinese-backed, California-based Faraday Future as noted here:

Now I understand why Reid skated on everything he had his greasy fingers in and how he grew so filthy-rich during his time in Washington D.C. It’s called a ‘cabal,’ and in this case it not only was aimed to undermine the sovereignty of the U.S., but to enrich those involved in these questionable acts against this nation, her citizens, and the U.S. Constitution.


Nevada Attempts to Breach Free Speech

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” President Thomas Jefferson wrote in a 1787 letter to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams.

Had the third U.S. President been a Nevada citizen and written this now famous and oft-quoted sentence on Facebook in 2020, he would be facing possible criminal misdemeanor charges.

That’s what Clark County resident Steve Feeder, 60, is looking at after having called Gov. Steve Sisolak a ‘tyrant,’ in a May 19 Facebook post, stating, “In any WAR which we are now in sheep will be casualties but we must March on.”

He was speaking of Sisolak’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Feeders comment, and 30-plus others like them are now considered, “inciting breach of peace,” by Las Vegas Township Judge Karen Bennett-Haron, who ruled in October that his postings meet the “minimal evidentiary standard” for a crime.

But then Vegas is no stranger to judges that venture off the Constitutional rail. Federal Judge Gloria Navarro decided to do everything she could to help the Bureau of Land Management, et. al., in its then-Senator Harry Reid’s illegal 2014 land snatch from the Bundy Ranch and the ensuing armed standoff, including violating the oath of her office as well as the defendant’s civil liberties..

The Nevada Attorney’s General office said that usually decline to bring charges on social media only related threats directed at public officials due to the First Amendment, but that Feeder’s comments were specific enough to warrant criminal charges.

“If you count all the threats, there’s 34 of the exact same threats pasted on Governor Sisolak’s page, which is open to the public for any crazy person to read it and act on it regardless of whether the defendant intended for somebody to act on it,” Deputy Attorney General Michael Kovac said. “The fact that he’s posting that to Governor Sisolak’s page shows a subjective intent to terrorize the governor. There’s no other reason for him to post it there.”

Feeder was offered a plea deal which would have entailed a guilty plea to a single misdemeanor, a promise to stay out of trouble for six months, a $1,000 fine and a 120-day suspended sentence. Feeder refused and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

A jury trial is set for June 2021.

Jay Maynard, Feeder’s attorney, noted that state prosecutors presented no evidence that Feeder had purchased a gun, planned a trip to Carson City, attempted to directly contact Sisolak or had done anything beyond posting comments.

“He was upset. Absolutely. He used some very pointed language. Absolutely. But he was protesting the fact that we had been in a quarantine for, as he put it at the time, 60 days, and that is well within his First Amendment right,” Maynard said. “Indeed, to be able to complain to our government is the most essential of the First Amendment rights. Political speech is protected beyond any other form of speech. It is sacrosanct and it is absolutely essential to the proper functioning of our democracy.”

Initially, Feeder was charged with three crimes, including: Interfering with a public officer, a gross misdemeanor; publishing matter inciting breach of peace or other crimes, also a gross misdemeanor; and provoking commission of breach of peace, a misdemeanor. Bennett-Haron decided that prosecutors had met the necessary standard on “publishing matter inciting breach of peace.”

Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigator Colter Earl testified that he began looking into the case after receiving a complaint from the state’s Dignitary Protection Detail (DPD) regarding “threats” made against Sisolak by Feeder on his Facebook page.

Earl said that he spoke with Feeder in May 2020 at Feeder’s home, where he admitted to posting the comments on Sisolak’s Facebook page.

“His response was that his wife called him an idiot and that when I had showed up at his house that I was there for his rant,” Earl said, according to a court transcript. “He described himself basically as very angry and upset regarding the State’s action in the COVID-19 response.”

Earl stated that his division doesn’t have a “rule book” determining when it was appropriate to investigate or bring charges related to social media threats. He did say that it was the DPD that pointed to other comments left by Feeder, including calls for “civil disobedience,” telling the governor that “your [sic] the CANCER and your slow painful passing will be the cure” and saying that a family friend had prayed for “death to the tyrant and his family.”

While acknowledging that Feeder hadn’t taken any direct action beyond the Facebook posts, Kovac wrote in a court filing that making the threats in a “popular, public online forum amplifies the fear that Defendant (Feeder) might find a receptive audience of like-minded individuals willing to carry out such threats.”

Kovac cited the arrest of three alleged members of the “Boogaloo” extremist movement and the resignation of the state’s former Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Director Heather Korbulic over threats made to her safety after less than two months on the job.

Korbulic was not physically attacked or harmed by anyone, extremist or otherwise, during her brief tenure.

“It is an environment on edge, filled with angry, impulsive, and dangerous nutcases, many of whom are armed and appear ready to take action,” Kovac claimed. “It takes only one of these nutcases to be moved by one of these exhortations and decide to cross the oftentimes fine line separating vitriol from violence.”

Maynard said that the First Amendment is the benchmark in this case.

“Crazy people aren’t the standard,” Maynard said. “The speaker has to know that his audience is receptive to an immediate calling. We don’t see that anywhere.”

As Jefferson wrote, also in that same letter to Smith: “The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves.”

It becomes easy to see the state administration (British ministry,) the media (gazetteers,) the state and federal judges (ministers,) and ourselves wrapped up in this much overlooked potion of Jefferson’s commentary.

Jefferson also hoped it wouldn’t take 20 years.


It’s been a struggle to write anything meaningful today. I’ve been busy depressing myself with Nevada news articles that deal with little more than either the election or COVID-19.

The more I learn, the more I want to unlearn. Unfortunately, it is my job to know as much as I can before sitting down to write a thoughtful word about any of it.

Plus, I’ve been avoiding social media and those person’s I call ‘trolls,’ who continue to plague my various feeds with hate-filled messages and rants. My list of blocked commenters is growing by leaps and bounds.

The pervasive belief is that I’m some sort of hack, that I lack ethics in my reporting and style. My answer to that has been and remains, “My only ethical standard when reporting the news is the truth.”

Many of these people don’t realize that I’ve been down this road before. In 2006, I was the subject of a “journalism ethics round table,” at UNR, where I was blasted both professionally and as a person for having a personal blog on a public forum while working as a newspaper reporter.

Ha! Ethics my ass. I wasn’t even invited to attend or defend myself, not that it would have done any good.

That aside, I have a touch of ‘house cleaning’ to do regarding the Washoe County Voter Registration dump I received yesterday. After only two-minutes of online research I learned that the supposed-dump came from the website, ‘Geller Report.’

I got so carried away thinking I had some sort of exclusive, that I forgot to complete some ‘due diligence,’ on my part.

Anyway, I am desirous of returning to my old renegade way of news reporting, but that’s jus’ me talking as these ‘trolls’ have me all fired up. And that’s the truth.

A Washoe County Voter Registration Dump

Someone dumped a bunch of voter registration numbers for Washoe County, Nevada, the county that I live in, in my lap…


https:// http://www.[File_Name_Goes_Here]

**Note: [File_Name_Goes_Here] = one of the file names mentioned below

File Types and Names:

General Election Voter registration Files:


These are daily general election voter registration and ballot files for that date.

The files will show the date and time they were created when downloaded and will also show who they were last saved by.


Inactive Voter Files:

These are the lists of inactive voters by date.


Primary Election Voter File:  This is the registered voters for the primary election dated 21 May 2020.


Test Summaries:

Voters that voted in the Primary Election who where moved to inactive voters:

(This is derived from using Washoe county file ‘av_multi_file_5_21_20’ crossed to ‘inactive_voters_10_1_20’)

A total of 12,476 registered voters removed; of the 12,476 registered voters removed 10,562 of them were challenged ballots in the primary election.  IN the general election 1,452 (11.64%) of the voters removed were added back.  Then of those added back 1,452 voters added back 1,188 (81.81%) were challenged votes in the primary election.

New Registered Voters by Date:

This looks at the net number of voters registered on a date using the file ab_ev_file_11_9_20.xlsx (test was done on 10 November 2020).  I closed the gap to go from 01 January 2017 forward.  (Note: It there is also another date anomaly in 1 January 1991 )

There are 24 days where the daily new registered voters were over 3 Standard Deviations (up to 10 standard deviations).

In those 24 days, 23,201 voters were registered of which 18,381 voted. So that is 7.77% of the votes cast.  Of those registered voters 7,477 were 50 or older.

Additionally, the county is using an inconsistent method to add inactive voters back to the registered voters.  What I mean is in some cases the voter registration date stays the same and in some cases they change the to a different date (No clear rhyme or reason for this).

Voter Registration date to ballot received:

This is just looking at the date the individual was added to the voter registration file data set to the date they registered to vote and to the date their ballot was received.

File Used: ab_ev_file_11_9_20.xlsx

Then there are 2,038 voters that were entered into the ‘system’ prior to their registration date.  OF the 2,038 voters 422 (20.71%) of them had ballots received and counted prior to being registered to vote.

Duplicate Voters:

This looked for duplicate voters in the list by voter ID number.  File used: ab_ev_file_11_9_20.xlsx was used.

In that file you will see 7,637 duplicate votes (based on Voter ID Number):

3,757 ‘people’ voted 2 Times
40 ‘people’ Voted 3 Times
1 ‘person’ voted 4 times

Non Verified Voters or Votes:

File used: ab_ev_file_11_11_20.xlsx

In this file 236,452 votes showing as received.  Of the 236,452 votes 130,398 (55.15%) are classified as verified and 106,054 (44.85%) are classified as not verified.

General Election Voter File changes by date:

This looks at changes in the daily file to see what was in a previous date file and not in a prior date file.

Files Used: ab_ev_file_10_12_20.xlsx forward three days to the end

File 1 File 1 Records File 2 File 2 Records Voters In File 1 and Not File 2 Ballots in File 1 and Not File 2
14-Oct-20              296,375 17-Oct-20              298,779                 244                   37
17-Oct-20              298,779 20-Oct-20              299,262                 108                   19
20-Oct-20              299,262 22-Oct-20              299,692                 118                   30
22-Oct-20              299,692 25-Oct-20              300,796                 127                   27
25-Oct-20              300,796 28-Oct-20              302,169                 104                   21
28-Oct-20              302,169 2-Nov-20              303,959                 148                   30
2-Nov-20              303,959 5-Nov-20              303,988                   29                     8
5-Nov-20              303,988 8-Nov-20              303,745                 269                   40
8-Nov-20              303,745 11-Nov-20             303,679                   81                   38
            1,228                 250

Net minimum number of voters added: 8,532  [7,304 from file record changes + 1,228 from dropped records]

Ballots cast that vanished: 250 (This is also the minimum number)

Other Odd items:

File used: ab_ev_file_11_11_20.xlsx

There are three ‘people’ that are 120 years old that voted: ( 1.ASTELLANOS-RAMIREZ, DARLA MARY / 2. SHAMIM, ZOAYLA NAIMA / 3. PUSZKIEWICZ, HUNTER RENEE)

Multi County Registered Voters:

File used: ab_ev_file_11_11_20.xlsx, Clark County Voter Registration Files from their website, Elko County Voter Files from their website.

Elko and Washoe County have an fairly easy to identify 40 or so individuals that are registered to vote in both counties.

Washoe and Clark County have a large number that need to be looked into.  From a first name, middle name, last name, and birthdate/year cross there are 478.  Some of these have the same addresses listed but flipped.

The Affidavit field for registered voters is not done in a constant manner.  (file: ab_ev_file_11_11_20.xlsx) There are multiple people that have the same affidavit number.  That number should the form of ID used to register and some type of serial number.

Also regarding the affidavit, there are people using a federal form used for military voters to vote when those individuals are clearly not in the military (out of state voters; and in some cases in state voters).

Why is the birthplace in this file not being consistently used?  Example: 36,126 registered voters that cast ballots in the general election. So Washoe county doesn’t even know where they were born.

Logic Test:

This is just the logic test as to why the above is important.

The last time I checked the news is saying:
Biden: 126,098
Trump: 114,614
Total Votes: 240,712

(Source: Politico 2020 Election Results for NV; 09 NOV 20)

File ‘ab_ev_file_11_9_20.xlsx’ was showing a total of 236,473 Ballots Received. What that means is they are counting duplicate voters in those numbers and they are counting contested ballots in those numbers and they are counting unregistered voters in those numbers.

Votes cast: 236,473

Duplicate Votes <7,637>

Challenged Votes <13,275>  * Note: Up to because some of the duplicate votes were caught as challenged.

Other min County duplicates <500> *note just rounding

Removed after primary vote challenge <1,188>  This one should have everyone scratching their head

Added prior to registering  <2,037>

Net first glance Questionable <24,638>  (10.42% of 236,473)

(Note: Politico is showing a 11,368 vote spread…. So those are over twice the number of the spread)

Votes after questionable: 211,835 with 10.42% highly suspicious

This does not even include the magical numbers of records that just appear in this file on the same second.

This does not include the number of voters that are using the same phone number or same addresses.  The out of proportion batch processing of ballots where there are groups that have an average age of 72.

Someone needs to be looking at the data and questioning it.  They need to be pulling those ballots and looking with their own eyes.

If the country knew the above, what do you think they would believe?  Do you think that they would have any faith in the system with the data literally showing the news and the county counting all votes as being valid.

Final Washoe Election Results…

Those duplicate votes are counted and have been counted this whole time… to included the invalidated votes and the invalidated challenged votes.

Everything above literally says this is a systemic issue.  You can literally recreate everything using the referenced data listed.

Seventy-seven Thousand Plus Reasons to Cry Foul

As a resident of Nevada and a news reporter, I feel as if I’m the only one digging down to find the truth. There is so much that isn’t being covered by either the National media or our local media. Look what 10 or 15 minutes of online research has yielded.

From Nevada’s own state election site: Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394

Source: https://www.nvsos.Gov/sos/home/showdocument?id=9054

Total Presidential Election Votes: 1,405,376

Source: https://silverstateelection.nv.Gov/USPresidential/#race1

There are 77,982 more votes in the Presidential election than there are casted ballots in Nevada. And yet the Nevada Supreme Court rejected Trump challenge and is allowing the election certification to stand.

Election Fraud, an Open Secret for Years

While the national media decries, ‘wide-spread voter fraud,’ and presses the issue that President Trump is a sore loser and former Vice-president Biden is the President-elect, only six places: Clark County, NV, Maricopa County, AZ, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, were actually targeted for election fraud on Nov. 3, 2020.

Setting that aside, documentation shows how Dominion provided administrators with privileges that include bypassing security measures; affidavits describing voters’ and workers’ experiences, and statistical data like strings of thousands of sequential Biden votes occurring with quadrillion-to-1 improbability, ballot processing velocity spikes that are physically impossible for the equipment and that coincide with windows of intimidation/interference with observers. Also there is the fact that in each of several swing states Biden achieved a come-from-behind victory with a margin in the tens-of-thousands of votes.

Further, Dominion’s network attached storage (NAS) servers are knowingly infected with QSnatch malware, which allows for the misappropriation of an administrator’s credentials once they’ve logged-in. So, not only can administrators override, with no audit trail, election security in a precinct, so can anyone who steals those credentials.

And if this weren’t enough, Dominion sends out software patches that continuously and deliberately allows QSnatch to beat their patches. This according to an article published by several business technology news sites in July 2020.

The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) posted alerts in July that attacks using the QSnatch malware, also tracked under the name of Derek, had been traced back to 2014. The alert goes on to say that these attacks had intensified between Oct. 2019 and mid-June 2020, while the number of reported infections grew to about 7,600 devices.

This may be the deeper reason why Christopher Krebs, the agency’s first director, was fired in November.

QSnatch comes with a CGI password logger, which installs a fake version of the device admin login page, logging successful authentications and passing them to the legitimate login page; a Credential scraper; an SSH backdoor, allowing for the input of arbitrary code; Exfiltration, that steals files, including system configurations and log files, which are encrypted with the attackers public key, then sent to the attacker’s infrastructure over HTTPS; and a web shell functionality for remote access. Once the attacker gains a foothold, the QSnatch malware is injected into the NAS firmware and takes full control of the device, blocking future updates to the firmware, including patching the infection.

These were all ‘knowns,’ but never properly addressed.

Lack of Media and Voter Integrity Go Hand-in-Hand in Nevada

With Nevada one of eight states, plus the District of Columbia, that conducted its election via a universal absentee ballot system, meaning that every registered voter was sent a ballot whether or not it was requested, the Republicans claim the state received eight-and-a-half times the number of votes as it did in the 2016 election, while Clark County received 10 times more ballots.

But why? Here’s what the media isn’t telling anyone…

Clark relies on a ballot sorting system with an inadequate signature verification process that failed 89% of the time and was discovered to be the top reason mail-in ballots were rejected in 2016. That ballot sorting machine is called Agilis.

According to their own website: “The Agilis provides election officials the ability to sort their own mail ballot packets and verify voter signatures with complete accuracy and a full audit trail inside their own secure facility. The Agilis eliminates the movement of ballots around an office so all nontabulated ballots remain in a secure location during sorting and signature verification.

Earlier this year, Clark County officials announced that they would need to lower the recommended factory tolerance settings on the Agilis machine in order to capture the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ signature used to verify mail-in ballots. To match a ballot signature, the Agilis machine requires a clear signature on file with election officials scanned at a minimum resolution of 200 dots per inch.

However, the bulk of Clark County’s signature files come from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles which doesn’t even have the capability of scanning signatures at that resolution. Knowing this, Clark County election officials still went ahead and lowered the signature match threshold, rendering the system nearly useless.

Amid this, Clark County also saw a huge spike in ‘problem’ voter registrations during the 2020 Presidential election cycle.

Analysis of voting records show that during the 2016 Presidential election, there were only 68 voter registrations missing critical data. That number jump to 13,372 this year, with 74 percent of the errors occurring between July and September.

Finally, there were more than 13 thousand voters whose registration information contained no sex or date of birth, or who had listed their residence or mailing address as a temporary RV park or a casino. This mean that there is no way to track these people or to know if any of these voters were of legal age to cast a ballot or even if they were legal residents of Nevada.

Only in Nevada

“The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary; an irresponsible body (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow) working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped.” — Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Charles Hammond, August 18, 1821

Here’s the breakdown of the numbers that have been uncovered in Clark County, so far: 1,609 dead people voted, 19,208 non-Nevada residents voted, 42,284 votes were the duplicate of a vote already cast from the same person, 8,111 votes were cast from fake addresses and 15,681 votes were cast from vacant addresses and commercial addressees. That’s 88,399 illegal votes.

This doesn’t include the 70,000-plus mail in ballots that were counted, which were more than the state “printed” and mailed to everyone, regardless of whether they asked for a mail in ballot or not, and some people got four and five ballots. And yet Judge James Todd Russell said, “”Contestants’ (Trump, et. al.) claims fail on the merits … or under any other standard,” in his 35-page ruling.

Simply stated, Russell has canceled the vote of 1.4 million Nevadans to protect the vote of 88 thousand-plus criminals.

And Then There were Two

The launch motored slowly around the sunken behemoth. A half-moon cast odd shadows on the ocean’s surface, but made the men’s work of collecting newly risen oil from the old ship easier.

The men, each in uniform, worked with a silent reverence as they viewed the water-logged deck below them. There, men scrambled port to starboard, aft and stern, removing barnacles and seaweed from the rusting hulk.

It was December 7th once again, and the sailors of the USS Arizona were hard at work making the long dead ship ready again to receive one more of their newly fallen shipmates.

Beyond the Pregnant Chad: A Nevada History

This article was first begun in June 2006, following a conversation with then-Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller but was placed on hold, then died from lack of interest and a change in employment status. In this conversation Heller and I discussed the new electronic voting machines the state had purchased from Sequoia Voting Systems, a company based in California and later acquired by the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems in June 2010.

At the time, Sequoia was being sued by a New Jersey company called ‘Avante’, alleging infringement of two of its patents covering direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines and optical scanners. I wanted to find out from Heller how the suit might effect Nevada.

Unfortunately, notes to that meeting have long been discarded and Dominion is currently at the center of another U.S election debacle.

You may have noticed atop your Nevada ballot: “Copyright © 2020 Dominion Voting Inc.” This means the ballot design which was created by Dominion and counted using the company’s proprietary equipment is technically its intellectual property.

Unusual as it may seem, this isn’t uncommon: Most voting technology used throughout the U.S. is covered by intellectual property law. That means the touch-screen you might have tapped on to vote could be patented. The software used to process your vote could be copyrighted. Before you even got to the voting booth, your ballot was likely designed on copyrighted software.

And one election-security expert predicted it would cause a nightmare after Nov. 3.

“We’re going to wind up with a thousand court cases that cannot just be resolved by just going into the software and checking to see what happened, because it’s proprietary,” said Ben Ptashnik, co-founder of the National Election Defense Coalition.

In most elections, the intellectual-property laws that surround the machinery of the US electoral system prove inconsequential in determining who won or lost a campaign, and software isn’t central to most contested-election scenarios, such as late-arriving ballots or issues with access to polling locations. But in instances where the vote tally itself is in question, analysts could need access to voting machines’ underlying code to determine if potential security flaws, errors or even purposeful tampering are behind the irregularities.

Nevada is in the middle of that nightmare…

It’s been two-decades since pregnant and dangling chads in Florida caused one of the biggest political rifts in U.S. history. Those faulty Florida ballots also directly led to the passage of federal legislation in 2002 that outlawed punch-card voting machines and allocated billions of dollars in federal funds for states to purchase expensive new electronic voting machines.

Now new questions are being raised about who was responsible for the faulty punch cards in that election. Those fingers are pointing to Sequoia Voting Systems, which not only makes e-voting machines that replaced punch cards but also created the punch cards that failed in Florida.

Several former employees of Sequoia revealed that in 2000 the company changed the paper stock it used for punch cards to paper made by Boise Cascade and that they knew before the election that the punch cards that Sequoia was producing would cause problems. In fact, pre-election testing by Sequoia showed that the cards were not punching cleanly and that dangling chads were going to be a likely problem in the election.

More than 50,000 Sequoia punch cards were discarded as invalid because voters appeared to have overvoted, and on 17,000 of the Sequoia cards, voters seemed to have voted for three or more presidential candidates.

After the 2000 election problems, Florida required its counties to replace punch-card voting systems with touch-screen systems, some of which were purchased from Sequoia. However, there were some major problems with touch-screen systems, and in 2007 Florida ordered the counties to replace them with optical-scan systems in July 2008.

In early 2008, New Jersey election officials announced that they planned to send one or more Sequoia Advantage voting machines to Professors Edward Felten and Andrew Appel, both of Princeton University for analysis for analysis.

In March 2008, Sequoia sent an e-mail to Felten asserting that allowing him to examine Sequoia voting machines would violate the license agreement between Sequoia and the county which bought them, and also that Sequoia would take legal action “to stop… non-compliant analysis… publication of Sequoia software… or any other infringement of our intellectual property.”

Shortly after this, Sequoia’s corporate web site was hacked. Ironically, that hack was discovered by Felten.

The following month, Hart InterCivic attempted a hostile takeover of Sequoia. Court documents revealed that Smartmatic still retained some financial control over several aspects of Sequoia.

Further, Smartmatic held a $2 million note from SVS Holdings, Inc., the management team which purchased the company from Smartmatic. In accordance to the acquisition contract, Smartmatic also retains ownership of intellectual property rights for some of Sequoia’s currently deployed election products in the US, and held the right to negotiate overseas non-compete agreements.

These arrangements were agreed upon under the scrutiny and approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) of the U.S. Treasury Department, which had been investigating whether there were any ties between Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the government of Venezuela.

CFIUS dropped the investigation when Smartmatic agreed to divest Sequoia, in a deal whereby all of Sequoia’s shares were sold off to SVS Holdings for an undisclosed price.

Oddly, Smartmatic and Sequoia were competitors for a contract to provide voting machines and services to the May 10, 2010 national elections in the Philippines, a bidding process that saw Sequoia disqualified and Smartmatic the winner.

Five days before the elections, petitions were made to postpone the elections due to technical malfunctions with the electronic voting machines. However the Supreme Court rejected the petitions, affirming the vote would go ahead as planned. Following this several cities and provinces encountered several problems, postponing the election, leading to violence.

The All Filipino Democratic Movement released a critique of the election stating: “On March 4, 2010, [The Commission on Elections] issued Resolution 8786 dated March 4, 2010, essentially disabling the use of digital signatures. Thus, the electronically transmitted votes from the precincts no longer bear digital signatures.”

In June 2010, Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, an international company based in Toronto, Canada, with its US headquarter in Denver, Colorado, acquired Sequoia.

As for Smartmatic, the multinational company, headquartered in London, UK, is still in operation and specializes in building and implementing electronic voting systems. The company also produces a product called ‘smart city’ meant for government applications.

Smart city uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect date. This data is then used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently; and is meant to improve the operations across the city that is using the system. Data collection comes from both citizens and various electronic devices throughout the area being measured.

Antonio Mugica is the founder and CEO of Smartmatic and graduated from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela, where he earned an Electrical Engineering degree. He the formed company out of the SBC organization that was owned 51 percent by Smartmatic, 47 percent Venezuelan state telecommunications organization CANTV and 2-percent by an affiliated company, Bizta, also owned by the owners of Smartmatic, with a board member from the Bolivarian government during the time an industry-fostering loan from a government institution was in force.

In 2004 Smartmatic was granted a contract worth $128 million with Venezuela’s National Electoral Council to acquire its automated voting system, voting machines and support services for the Regional Elections scheduled for that year’s 2nd semester. But then, after collecting the required number of citizens’ signatures, the 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum was activated to remove Hugo Chavez from the presidency, Smartmatic hastily tailored its voting system to the changed requirements.

Much of this is but a history, meant as background into how Nevada came to have sixteen of it’s 17 counties using Dominion Voting Systems during elections. The only county not to have a Dominion machine is also the home of Nevada’s capital, legislature, assembly and judiciary.

According to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s official webpage, Carson City County uses Elections Systems & Software. In 2018 Cegavske was the only Republican to win state-wide after she reauthorized the Dominion Voting System throughout the state.

Interestingly, in 2004, shortly after the state agreed to a $9.3 million contract to buy 1,935 new electronic voting machines, Heller and then-Carson City County Clerk Alan Glover had a very public argument outside of city hall over the legality and safety of the incoming Sequoia machines.

“As clerks we do not want to have a part of the voting system that is not certified and I don’t think that the paper trail can be certified because there are no standards to test against,” Glover said.

The agreement eventually added to the 2,926 machines Clark already had, bringing the total number in use for that year’s elections to more than 4,800, making Nevada the first state to go completely electronic with printers designed to let voters verify the machine recorded their ballots properly.

In 2003, Diebold’s CEO Wally O’Dell caused a controversy when he became a top fundraiser for George W. Bush and promised to help Ohio “deliver its electoral votes to the president.” While there is no evidence the CEO actually manipulated his company’s machines to alter the vote in Ohio — it went for Bush — the dispute and a host of issues involving the effectiveness of its technology led Diebold to sell off the voting business in 2009.

Then saying that Gaming Control Board experts have confirmed his fears about the security of Diebold Inc. electronic voting machines, Heller made Sequoia his official selection and then decertified the punch-card machines still used in seven Nevada counties, including Douglas and Carson City.

Meanwhile, Sequoia Voting Systems was the brand Clark County had been using for most of the decade prior.

Heller further said that the report by Marc McDermott, of the Gaming Control Board’s Electronic Services Division, was the key. McDermott’s report claimed that the Diebold system’s computer code has been published for any hacker to see on the Internet, and thus was no longer secure.

“When the Gaming Control Board’s Electronic Services Division reports to me that one system is superior to another, I’m going to place my confidence in that equipment,” Heller said.

He said the state will buy, with federal money, the necessary machines for every county except Clark, which already has some 3,000 of them. He said the state will also help Clark add hard-copy printers to its existing system and pay for training and other costs of the change-over statewide.

“I believe it’s important for the state of Nevada that everybody on election day votes in the same manner,” he said.

That is no longer the case.

Then Patricia Axelrod of Reno sued Sequoia Voting Systems Inc., claiming her vote in the 2004 general election was not counted because of a defective machine.

In her Washoe County District Court complaint Axelrod said she discovered her 2004 vote was neither registered nor counted after she accessed her voting record on the county Registrar of Voter’s Diebold Election Management System computer. She also questioned an independent laboratory’s certification of Sequoia’s AVC Edge with VeriVote Printer voting machines used in Nevada.

One of the lab’s reports listed anomalies with test machines, including a failure to operate when subjected to electrical surges, electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic discharges, Axelrod said.

But to lay this at the feet of Heller alone, isn’t fair. Questions have been asked time and again including in 2010 where it was widely believed by poll watchers that Harry Reid had inside help in winning his final election in the US Senate.

There was ‘glitch’ which after a few minutes delay saw Reid’s vote tally jump ahead to a 50.2 percent-44.6 percent margin after being down some 4 percentage points.

Almost immediately there were charges that voting machines throughout Clark County were rigged to place check marks next to Reid’s name before a person even had voted. These weren’t the first charges leveled as in late October, during early balloting, for example, a number of voters in Boulder City complained that Reid’s name already was checked.

According to one eyewitness, Joyce Ferrara, the problem was rampant.

“Something’s not right,” she said. “One person, that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five-minute period of time – that’s wrong.”

But then-Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax didn’t see evidence of vote fraud and neither did Nevada SEIU spokesman Nick Di Archangel, who also dismissed the possibility of fraud, saying, “The machines cannot be compromised.”

Sharron Angle didn’t benefit from these apparent mishaps.

Actually, the pre-election tally marks were very likely the doing of a local of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU.) According to the organizations collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between Clark County and SEIU Local 1107 the union was put in “charge of servicing all voting machines.”

“The County hereby recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining representative of the County employees assigned to the classifications listed in Appendix A who are eligible to be represented by the Union except as limited by Section 2 of this Article. The Union shall be notified of additions to the list of classifications (Exhibit A) within seven (7) days of posting for the position classification and shall receive 30 days advance notice of any deletions.”

Exhibit A, in this case, and as described on page 75 of this agreement indicates “Voting Machine Technician” to be a classified SEIU position.

Although the CBA expired on June 30, 2010, it may still remain in force because of language in Article 43 which grants a year-to-year extension until one party deems it unworkable. Given that SEIU Local 1107 technicians run Clark County voting machines, any glitches in the end must be the responsibility of these workers.

Finally, a state probe into voter registration fraud in connection with the 2008 elections yielded evidence that dozens of ACORN-hired canvassers from a state prison release program had submitted hundreds of suspect, if not phony, registration cards. Former Las Vegas ACORN Field Director Christopher Edwards eventually pleaded guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts.

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske met with the Nevada Supreme Court to officially certify the state’s election results Tuesday, Nov. 24, determining Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential vote. Nevada law requires that certification be completed by the fourth Tuesday following the election.

Biden won Nevada by 33,596 votes, according to results approved by elected officials in Nevada’s 17 counties. Biden got 50.06% of the vote and Trump received 47.67 percent.

Bus Found to Be Transporting Voting Machines

This gets so exhausting. Treated as a straight-up news article, I posted this to FB only to have ‘authorities’ claim it to be ‘misinformation…’
FOLLOW UP 2: The Buckeye Police Department said the bus was full of office equipment and that the bus driver had a receipt for the content. Authorities say that the original post was ‘misinformation.’
FOLLOW UP: The driver was located. Investigators say that he had receipts for the machines which were purchased at an auction. No further deals were provided by authorities.
In Buckeye, AZ., a bus with 2006 Nevada plates and loaded with voting machines was discovered by local police.
At the Shell station on Buckeye Road, east of Hwy 85, a bus broke down and was believed to be abandoned. Since no driver could be found, the police were called.
When officers opened the back door of the bus they found it to be completely filled with voting machines. Both the Maricopa County Sherriff and ATF were immediately notified.
However, the local and national media has a lid on this story.


Uncle Adam innocently called the abandon logging truck a ‘man-eater.’ This, after the third accident, the chassis and cab were left in a field off the main road.

At five or maybe six, I developed a fear of that truck. Every time we drove by, I watched, afraid it would jump up and devour me.

Uncle mistook my attentiveness for curiosity, and one day he pulled up in front of it. He lead me to the cab and with some effort popped the bent driver’s door open.

So afraid was I that I couldn’t even cry out as he lifted me into the cab and onto the rotted seat. It smelled old, dusty, and hot and in fear I gripped the sun-fractured steering wheel.

I was certain the door would slam shut and I’d be swallowed alive.

Then I lost sight of Uncle, but found my voice. He’d stepped away to light a cigarette, and my scream brought him quickly.

He lifted me down and held me all the way to the Jeep, cooing softly, ‘It’s alright, Tommy. You’re okay.”

It was another three or four years later, when driving by the field, I saw the truck was no longer there. This time my Aunt Barbara and two of my cousins were with me and Uncle.

Seeing it gone, my earlier trauma came out. I breathlessly balled and blew snot-bubbles as I explained how the truck scared me and now I didn’t know where it was and that it could be anywhere and could get me at anytime.

Both my Aunt and Uncle did their best to calm me. Uncle explained that the City of Fortuna hauled off to a scrapyard, where it was be melted down to be reused.

“Reused?” I asked, “How?”

“Anything,” Aunt Barbara answered, “A refrigerator, a toaster, even a coffee pot.”

Another fear was born, deeper than the first. I was certain that truck was going to become something innocent-looking, sneak up on me and that would be it.

This fear slipped away, like the first, but resurfaced a couple of years later, when the Wallace’s moved in next door with their father’s logging truck. For a long time I avoided walking by the truck and every morning, when Mr. Wallace turned the engine over, I hid beneath my covers, shaking, hot and sweaty.

abandoned rust
rotting in an open field
preying on young minds

My Cousin Elmo says, “I installed Dominion software on my Facebook page and went from 390 friends to 80 million overnight.”

My Cousin Elmo says, “My wife’s wisdom is such that she asked, ‘Explain to me why anyone would waste time taking the temperature of a man. I’ve never seen a man with a fever, up and walking around.'”

Coffee and Dog Ears

Morning time arrives at my front porch, in our part of the high desert land, where the sun has begun its lengthy journey westward. Dark blue turns gray. It is here, that I enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee in one hand and with the other, the soft-fur ears of my dog. We shall sit in this early freeze below 30 degrees, each surrounded in vapor-puffs of our own smoke-breath, and look for the bright orange bloom of a new day. What adventures await us today?

raven calls from tree
good morning to the sunshine
let me drink you in

My Cousin Elmo says, “I walked into the bar and ordered a Corona and two Hurricanes. The bartender replied, ‘That’ll be 20.20.'”

For My Wife, Mary

The moment I laid eyes on her, I was smitten. She became my patroness, my Moon-child, my Diana. I ebbed and flowed at her sight, her will. She directed my every movement from her silver chariot and I knew her as my goddess of light. My earthly symbol of purity, I wanted nothing else, save to breathe where she passed both night and day. She never made me chase, but instead asked me join her in life’s race and soon I became the key to her heart.

she drove me wild
stick in hand, foot on pedal
in her Corolla

A New Writing Challenge

Due to some unforeseen boredom on my part, I decided to make up a new writing game for myself and for you to participate in.

On WordPress, go to your reader and open it. Right under the search bar you’ll find a set of three random words, labeled as suggestions.

The challenge is to use those three words in a story or a sentence. The three random words I received are: Philosophy, Parenting, Iceland.

So in response to my own challenge: ‘My parenting philosophy is to leave the children in Iceland.’

Jus’ some simple fun to while away time as you wait for whatever it is that you are waiting for.

My Cousin Elmo says, “Thinkpol rectifies unperson Trumpcrimethinkers unbellyfeel Demsoc speakwrite malquoted election doubleplus unfree. Whoa, I’m thinker than I drunk I am.”

Follow-up on Renown’s ACS

Following up on, ‘Nightmare at the Alternative Care Site,’ about Renown Medical Center’s COVID overflow center.

A medical doctor working there, took a selfie. It was high-jacked and used without his permission.

President Trump retweeted it, Governor Sisolak took offense. Feelings got hurt.

Hopefully, that’s the end of the story, but probably not.


My friend H.H.R. Gorman posted an entry to her blog, ‘5 Tests You Should Put Your Story (or Characters) Through,’ that has knocked the writing socks off my feet, especially when it comes to the readability. Much of my work it seems, is hard to read and comes out at the eleventh and twelfth grade level.

To be honest, I’ve never thought about reading levels, much less the difficulty in reading what I’ve written. For me it has always been to start with a premise and continue from there.

Of the ten stories I submitted to the aggregator she provided in her posting, only one was in the seventh grade level. And I’m certain that I should be writing further below that, should I want to create any sort of popularity for myself online.

Flesch Reading Ease score: 77.4, fairly easy to read
Gunning Fog: 5.9, fairly easy to read
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 4.9, fifth grade
The Coleman-Liau Index: 6, sixth grade
The SMOG Index: 5.4, fifth grade
Automated Readability Index: 2.9, grade level: 8-9 yrs. old
Linsear Write Formula: 4.7, fifth Grade

And don’t even let me get started on the Bechdel, Mako Mori, Mary Sue/Gary Stu, and the Coldsteel the Hedgeheg tests. In fact, I think I heard my computer’s hard drive laughing at me for even considering these.

Of course, the included scores verses the second sentence of this post, makes me into a liar. HA!

As I wrote H. — I have some work to do…

Spanish Lesson

Reverend Greene was on fire with the word of God that Sunday morning. He preached hell-fire, brimstone, equating current happenings on Earth with the Book of Revelation.

“I was reading the newspaper last Tuesday morning,” he thundered, “And I saw where large earthquakes are striking the outer rim of the Pacific Ocean. They call this area ‘The Ring of Fire.’ And it has scientist wondering if the ‘big one’ is on its way.”

“And the way I see this in my mind is a sudden movement and the ground opens up and it will look like the Earth has suddenly developed a glowing halo, a crown of radiating light being tossed into the dark universe,” he commented, trying to describe what his vision of such an event might look like.

He added later in his commentary, “And should this happen, COVID will be the lesser concern.”

For half-an hour Reverend Greene worked the all scientific implications over, and until he saw the heads of his now-bored church members begin to bobble with sleepiness. It was the moment he wanted, needed, in order to bring his deeper message to life.

He paused for effect and strode from his pulpit across the raised floor and back again. The good reverend looked, to his many church members, as a man possessed of the word of God.

Gathering himself in front of his pulpit he began: “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.” (Rev 19:11)

His voice boomed through the meeting hall and those that were near sleep jumped at the echo and reverberation. It was exactly how Reverend Greene saw it, part-theater and all God Almighty.

He slapped his open palm on the pulpit, making a snapping noise and again the body of Christ jumped in unison, then he added as he scanned his notes, “His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but himself.” (Rev 19:12)

Churchgoers were standing, others waved their arms, hands high above their heads and some said ‘Amen,’ others gave small prayers. As this occurred, Reverend Greene looked into the faces of those before him, certain that his message, that God’s message, was touching the very souls of these Christians.

“And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God,” (Rev 19:13) Reverend Green began with a boom in his voice, but a sudden switch happened and it sounded as if he had run out of steam.

At first congregants braced themselves for another surprise from the minister, but after ten seconds, when nothing came, they began to whisper among themselves. The preacher seemed transfix, stuck where he had halted in his sermon.

After half a minute, the woman who played the organ every Sunday morning got up, walked over to Reverend Greene and touching his elbow, asked, “Is everything okay?”

He jumped with a start, “Yes, Miss Gladys. Everything’s good.”

Looking up, he smiled at those gathered before him. He could see their puzzlement and concern in their faces.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I jus’ realized something…some might even say I had a revelation from God.”

The murmurs began to increase. One woman asked her husband, “Is he losing his mind?” He shushed her.

“And it was such a fine sermon, too” Reverend Greene sighed, “But evidently it isn’t the right sermon for this Sunday.”

He smiled and lifted his arms and with palms outward, said, “Peace be with you. And they said…”

Some of the members muttered ‘amen,’ as they stood to leave.

“Peace be with you,” Reverend Greene fairly shouted, “And they all said…”

“Amen!” rose the voice of the attendees in unison.

As he watch the last person pass through the doors, he returned to the pulpit and examined his notes. He hadn’t seen that short sentence until a few minutes ago, and it left him stunned when he first read it.

They were words that hadn’t been there when he printed his notes up for that Sunday. Reverend Greene reread it, “The Spanish word for today is corona which means crown.”

He folded the paper up neatly, slipping it into his shirt pocket, while saying “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” (Matt 24:36)

Bu the Reverend however, was certain about how that day would arrive.